Enjoy Our Tamales Anywhere in the USA this Spring!

Springtime is here, and you know what that means?! Tamales, tamales, tamales! Now is the time to order the best tamales in Texas to surprise your friends and family. We want to remind you how to order the best eats from our tamales menu wherever you enjoy spring break. 

Male worker holding Delias boxes with the best tamles in San Antonio.

We Offer Nationwide Shipping

We ship our tamales right to your doorstep anywhere you are in the United States. Order online today and choose from our delicious selection of tamales, such as our chicken and cheese, spicy pork, or Veracruzano tamales. Learn how to store your tamales with these three helpful tips.

Five Ways to Reheat Your Tamales

When you’re ready to enjoy your tamales, check out these five ways to reheat them:

● Frying

Air Frying

● Steaming

● Reheating on a comal

● Reheating in the oven

Closeup of veracruzano tamales shipped from all Delias locations in Texas.

Where Can I Buy Tamales?

If you live close to one of our locations, consider ordering in person or through the drive-thru! We have seven locations, including finding the best tamales in San Antonio!!

● Pharr

● Mission

● Edinburg

● San Juan 

● North McAllen

● South McAllen

Enjoy Specialty Side Dishes

There are plenty of side dishes that you may cook and enjoy alongside your tamales in the comfort of your home. A few special tamales and side pairings include:

● Corn tamales and posole.

● Bean tamales and macaroni and cheese.

● Veracruzano tamales and brussel sprouts.

● Spicy chicken and cheese tamales and sopa Azteca.


Be sure to check out our blog for an additional five side dishes to enjoy!

Order Our Tamales Online Today!

Don’t wait until spring break to order! Order our tamales at a location nearest you, or order online and have them delivered straight to your door. Be sure to send us a message online if you have any questions about our nationwide shipping!

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