Surprise Your Valentine with a Dozen Specialty Tamales!

Ditch the roses and surprise your Valentine with a dozen tamales from Delia’s! Just kidding – pop those roses in a vase and place them in the middle of your dinner table. We offer 3 easy side dishes to prep alongside our specialty tamales for an intimate dinner.

One Tamales meditteranean charceuterie board filled with wheat crackers, purple jams, multi-colored olives, and cheeses surrounded by strawberries.

Pair Tamales with a Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are fun, easy, and customizable to fit your Valentine’s taste. Simply cut up some of their favorite cheeses, fruits, crackers, fruit, chocolates, pickled foods, and more and arrange them on your largest cutting board! We recommend them with a dozen of the following tamales:

  • Bean and Cheese
  • Chicken and Cheese
  • Bean, Cheese, and Jalapeño

Note: Thank you to Natasha’s Kitchen for the charcuterie board recipe.

Heart shapped potatoes laid on a platter with savory tomato sauce.

Roast Up Some Potato Hearts

Cut up some festive hearts out of potatoes! All you will need is a bunch of russet potatoes, a heart-shaped cookie cutter, spices, and parmesan cheese. We recommend a dozen of the following specialty tamales to enjoy a hearty dinner:

  • Spicy Chicken and Cheese
  • Chicken Cooked in Green Sauce
  • Spicy Pork Cooked in Green Sauce
  • Chicken and Cheese Cooked in Green Sauce

Note: Thank you to Kroll’s Korner for the potato hearts recipe.

Heart shapped potatoes laid on a platter with savory tomato sauce.

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Jicama Salad

Try a jicama corn salad as a refreshing and traditional side. Simply cut up some jicama, corn kernels, mango, red onion, cilantro, and lime and toss it up in a heart-shaped bowl. This salad goes hand in hand with our specialty sweet tamales:

  • Corn Tamales
  • Cream Cheese and Jalapeño
  • Sweet Cream Cheese Tamales

Note: Thank you to the chefs from AllRecipes for the jicama corn salad recipe.

Order Tamales Online Today!

Make sure to order your tamales online today, or head on over to one of our seven locations and choose from our selection of ten specialty tamales. Show us your Valentine’s dinner on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Use #DeliasTamales!

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