Delia’s Tamales News: Nationally Featured in the Washington Post

It’s true Delia's Tamales was recently covered in one of the most recent issues of the Washington Post. Recognizing South Texas’ die-hard love of tamales, the Washington Post informed readers of just how crucial tamales is to our culture and what we do to get our hands on some corn-husked treats on time for the holiday season. Read the latest... read more

Delia’s Is On The History Channel!

We were featured on Ancient Recipes with Sohla on the History Channel! Sohla begins the episode by explaining how tamales are a traditional staple for the whole family to enjoy making and eating. She then introduced Delia and her delias locations in texas to the audience. Here’s what our Founder, Delia, had to say! How did Delia’s get its beginning?... read more

Delia’s Press Release – June 16, 2020

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