Answers to the Most Common Questions That We’re Asked About Our Tamales!

At Delia’s, we’ve proudly been serving our delicious homemade tamales for over 30 years. During this time, we’ve received many, many questions from our customers about our delicious dishes. We’ve chosen seven of the most common and have decided to answer them!

Do you ship your tamales outside of Texas?

Yes, Delia’s can ship an order of tamales outside of Texas. In fact, we ship all over the U.S. as long as orders total $15 or more.

How can I reheat my leftover tamales?

The most popular method of reheating tamales is with a comal. If you’re warming up frozen tamales, let them thaw for about 30 minutes. Then set your stove to medium heat and place them on the comal with the corn husk still on.

Does Delia’s offer Meatless options for tamales?

Yes, we have quite a few options that include:

  • Bean and cheese
  • Cream cheese and jalapeno
  • Sweet cream cheese
  • Corn

Are you open on Sundays?

Yes, all of our locations are open on Sunday from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. We also serve menudo on the weekends!

Do you have any locations outside of the Valley?

Yes, we are now proud to serve San Antonio along with all our current Valley locations. We also can ship our tamales all over the U.S.

Do your tamales contain gluten?

No, our tamales are gluten-free. So, if you’re health conscious and avoid gluten, then know that our tamales can be enjoyed!

What’s the secret recipe for your delicious tamales?

The secret is the love we put into making them. We love our customers, and serving our delicious treats to you all for over 30 years has brought us so much joy. So, for every batch of tamales we make, we add lots of love to each!


No, we currently do not offer franchising opportunities. This allows us to continue to provide excellent services at all our current locations.

Order Your Tamales Today!

We’re more than positive that all of this talk about tamales has given you an appetite! Please visit any one of our six locations today. We have 19 different flavors, so we’re sure to satisfy any taste bud. Contact us to learn more about our menu or to place an order.

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    • Delia's Tamales


      You can actually choose the date you want to receive them. If your exact date is not available however you can always ship them for the closest date available and they can always be kept frozen until they are ready to be cooked!

    • Delia's Tamales


      All of our tamales are made using lard. However, special orders (5 dozen or more) can be made with vegetable oil instead but would have to be called in advance and picked up in a store.

    • Delia's Tamales


      From the 20th – 24th we will only be open for pick up orders that were placed in advanced. Call any of our locations to details on how to place a pick up order. Have a great rest of your day!

    • Delia's Tamales

      Hello Angie,

      Our nutritional facts can be found during the online ordering process in the pictures of each of the products. Let us know if you have any questions!

      -Delia’s Tamales

    • Delia's Tamales


      While our stores are currently closed to in store pickup orders that have already been placed (unless otherwise noted on social media), we will be opening back up for regular business hours on Dec. 26th.

      -Delia’s Tamales

    • Delia's Tamales


      All our Tamales are cooked and ready to eat. Fully cooked but frozen tamales are available but vary by location. All that is required for these are to be reheated.

      -Delia’s Tamales

  1. Jennifer Chavez

    These are the best tamales!! I don’t get tamales from anywhere else. I enjoy the drive to San Antonio but having a location in Austin would be great!!! I recommend y’all to everyone and when I go to San Antonio I’m usually buying lots for all my friends/family in Austin 😊

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