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Menudo so Good it’s Only Sold on Weekends

Menudo is a staple in Mexican, Latin America, and Spanish households. Its origins remain a mystery – some people attribute its humble beginnings in Central Mexico during Mexico’s pre-revolution era as a soup prepared from poverty – also known as “poor man’s soup.” Usually, food waste and leftovers were given to peasant cooks, who invented menudo by using the stomach. Some people believe its popularity began in the 1930s as a celebratory dish for Christmas, New Year, or other holidays. The two most popular types of menudo include menudo rojo from northern Mexico and Guadalajara, and white menudo, from Sinaloa and central Mexico.

Menudo’s Ingredients are Key

While everyone says their family’s menudo is the best, there are some common ingredients that are popular to use in most recipes:

  • Corn
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Hominy
  • Beef Tripe
  • Bay Leaves
  • Other Spices
  • Chiles (Arbol and Guajillo)

Common ingredients to garnish menudo include cilantro (and other herbs), corn tortillas, and lime wedges.

Menudo Takes Time

One thing that makes menudo a worthy dish to enjoy with your friends and family is the time it takes to cook it. Often, menudo takes seven to ten hours to cook properly due to the toughness of the tripe, which is why it’s considered a dish worthy of taking time to cook for the holidays, or better yet, a weekend hangover cure!

Take Home Delia’s Menudo

We offer menudo every Saturday and Sunday – both small and large – from our seven locations, including our newest site in San Antonio! Enjoy them with our tamales, salads, and aguas frescas.

Purchase Our Menudo This Weekend

Our menudo is worth purchasing every weekend. Be sure to send us a message online if you have any questions about our menudo, tamales, or other menu items. Show us how you enjoy your menudo on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Use #DeliasTamales!

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