Not From South Texas? No Problem Because Delia’s Ships Tamales to You!

Photo courtesy of April Reyes on Facebook. Do you ever get that craving for traditional, made-with-love, nothing-but-fresh-ingredient tamales? It can hit you during cold winter months, in the middle of the summer, or right before a huge family celebration.  For most people in South Texas and San Antonio, they can simply visit one of our locations to scratch that itch!... read more

A Graduation Celebration to Remember with Our Tamales!

High school and college graduations are often a once-in-a-lifetime experience that should always be enjoyed. Each year, students from around the nation experience the excitement of the stage, the walk, the hat toss, and the post-graduation celebrations. Of course, food plays a big role in such a big day, so what better meal to mark the occasion than with Delia’s?... read more

Make Mother’s Day an Amazing One with Tamales from Delia’s

Mom makes life easier every day of the week, so why not take this Mother’s Day as the opportunity to show her just how much she means to you? If you have the spa day booked, the gifts wrapped, and the flowers ready to go, then let Delia’s take care of the food because Mom deserves the best, and you’ll... read more

Day Tripping with a Plate Full of Our Delicious Tamales!

Texas is filled with beautiful cities, towns, plains, and more, which makes it easy to pick a destination, drive out, and make a relaxing day trip out of it! Whether you’re with a couple of friends, family, a significant other, or even alone, a nice trip can be an amazing experience, and what better way to spend it than with... read more

Make Our Tamales Your New Favorite Movie Night Meal!

Picture this: it’s Friday evening, you’re fresh out of work and a bit too tired to go out but craving a comfortable night in with a movie. What delicious meal will accompany your flick? Cooking something is out of the question and delivery just means your food will be cold by the time the opening credits roll. Lucky for you,... read more

Red vs. Green Salsa for Your Tamales: Which Will You Choose?

Photo courtesy of Diana Sanchez on Facebook. For centuries, tamales have brought people closer together as they enjoy delicious meals in the company of those they care about most. While tamale varieties are plenty, people are generally willing to try them all without hesitation.  However, things are a little different when it comes to salsas. On one corner are the... read more

Celebrate National Tamale Day on March 23rd with Delia’s!

From birthdays to holidays, we celebrate the occasions that bring us closer together and allow us to spend time with those who mean the most. With that said, start gearing up for National Tamale Day on March 23rd when people across the nation will come together to celebrate Mexico’s gift to the world! Yes, we mean tamales! Delia’s will certainly... read more

5 Amazing and Not-So-Well-Known Facts About Tamales!

When it comes to the famous tamale, you’ve either grown up with them or are curious enough to try them! Whatever the case, there are some very interesting and hidden facts about them that you might now know! If you’re ready to find out what they are, then grab your favorite tamale flavor, a refreshing Agua Fresca, and read on!... read more

If You Reside Outside of the Rio Grande Valley, Order Our Tamales Online!

Delia’s has a beautiful and rich history in South Texas that spans almost 30 years. When our first location in South McAllen opened, no one could’ve ever imagined just how far the traditional tastes of tamales would go. Now, with our first location outside the RGV in San Antonio, Delia’s is making its way to even more plates. That’s even... read more

It’s Never Too Late to Start Your Year with Some Delicious Tamales!

Although our tamales and the holidays go hand-in-hand, it’s never too late to enjoy them even if 2021 has already begun! No matter how busy you get with what 2021 has and will throw your way, you can always find time for the deliciousness that our tamales have to offer. So, if you and your loved ones are ready to... read more

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