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2 Incredible Tamales Toppings: Red vs. Green Salsa

Photo courtesy of Diana Sanchez on Facebook.

For centuries, tamales have brought people closer together as they enjoy delicious meals in the company of those they care about most. While tamale varieties are plenty, people are generally willing to try them all without hesitation. 

However, things are a little different when it comes to salsas. On one corner are the red salsa purists and on the other are the green salsa traditionalists. Not sure where your alliance lies? Let’s help you decide.  

Red Salsa

Visit any Delia’s location and you’ll find an oasis of red salsa to dip your tamales into. It’s the perfect mix of smooth and chunky to complement whatever tamale you’re eating. Our red salsa is made from fresh tomatoes, mild peppers, onion for a bit of kick, and cilantro for an herbal touch. Don’t worry, though, our red salsa likely won’t send you running to our Aguas Frescas, but it surely will leave you wanting more!

Green Salsa

If you like to live dangerously, then look no further than our green salsa! This concoction of delicious spices is composed of fresh cilantro, reasonably hot jalapeños, a bit of lime for a tangy kick, and oil. It’s blended to create a smooth and creamy mixture that makes it easy for you to dip into or drizzle over your tamales, especially our Cream Cheese & Jalapeno tamales. It’s bright, tangy, and spicy, but above all, it’s oh-so-good!


The Convenience of Delia’s Tamales

Ordering tamales online ensures that no matter where you are in the country, you can enjoy the authentic taste of Delia’s. Their meticulous shipping process guarantees that these mouthwatering creations arrive fresh and flavorful, preserving the essence of Tex-Mex cuisine. This accessibility is particularly beneficial for homesick Texans craving a taste of home or enthusiasts seeking to satisfy their Tex-Mex cravings.

  • Delia’s tamales provide a hassle-free meal solution for busy parents, saving time and effort spent in the kitchen.
  • The quality assurance maintained throughout the shipping process ensures that each tamale maintains its exceptional flavor, texture, and freshness upon arrival.
  • Our Tamales are versatile making them a crowd-pleasing option for family dinners and gatherings. Try our Spicy Chicken & Cheese, and more!
  • Parents appreciate that tamales are filling and nutritious for their kids.
  • The affordability and freezability of Delia’s tamales make them a practical choice for budget-conscious parents looking to plan.
  • Beyond the obvious yummy-ness, Delia’s tamales also foster a sense of tradition and togetherness, as they are often shared with loved ones during festive occasions.


Order Tamales Online Today!

The choice is hard to make, but you might end up loving both salsas! After all, despite their differences, the one thing they have in common is how delicious they are. Visit any of our locations in the RGV or San Antonio today to pick up your order of tamales with salsa! 

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