Delia’s Tamales on Valentine’s Day: DIY Gifts, Long-Distance Gifting and Options for the Singles!

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that sometimes involves repetitive gifts like roses, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and balloons. There’s nothing wrong with any of them, but if you’re looking to break this gifting cycle with something new, then consider something from Delia’s Tamales! We have a large assortment of tamales that are sure to attract any taste bud!... read more

Make This Year’s Super Bowl Get-Together Extra Awesome with Delia’s Tamales!

The Super Bowl is coming up, and if you’ll be hosting this year’s get-together, consider putting an end to the typical barbeque, pizza, chips and other boring foods. This year, enjoy every second of the game with your friends and family without having to stress about thinking up new food items to serve! We’re sure that you’re wondering how it’s... read more

Why Weekend Brunches Are Better at Delia’s!

Brunch is a make-it-or-miss-it meal. You’ll either wake up early enough to make it on time or you’ll hit the snooze button one too many times on a weekend morning and miss it completely. Brunch is a time to gather with your friends and family to catch up while indulging in a nice, sweet and salty meal that normally consists... read more

Mark Your Calendars, 2018 Will be the Year of the Tamale!

Are you getting enough tamales in your diet? If not, then no worries! Delia’s Tamales cooks up more than 19 different types of tamales and mouth-watering menudo. We also produce smiles and memories that will remain with you and your family for a lifetime! Make 2018 extra special with Delia’s Tamales! Do you live outside of the Valley but love... read more

How to Go About Heating Up Your Favorite Tamales from Delia’s!

So you were anticipating your Delia’s Tamales shipment for days now and its finally arrived! Our tamales are prepared fresh the moment you place your order. Once ready, they’re frozen to secure their freshness upon arrival! Now, this puzzles many because there are no instructions attached on what to do afterward. Your first instinct would probably be to Google reheating... read more

3 Reasons to Have Delia’s Tamales On Your Thanksgiving Table This Year!

Most of us can agree that Delia’s Tamales can be enjoyed any time of the year. If you can’t wait until the holidays when they’ll be really popular, consider them for Thanksgiving! This holiday normally involves turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing – along with hours and hours of cooking beforehand and cleaning afterwards. This Thanksgiving Day, enjoy more time with... read more

Everything You Should Know About How We Ship Our Tamales to All 50 States!

If you’re a Valley resident, chances are you’ve eaten a few savory tamales during the holiday season. If you reside in the region, then you’re very fortunate because Delia's Tamales serves your favorite varieties year-round! For those of you residing elsewhere, you’re also in luck because you can order yours online and have them shipped anywhere in the U.S., including... read more

Get Your Game Day Ready with a Delicious Serving of Delia’s Tamales!

Football season is a big deal in Texas, and it doesn’t matter if it’s college or pro football either. Another thing that’s a big deal in the Lone Star State is tamales, Delia’s Tamales! Game day normally involves pizza, hot wings, chips and dips. That can get boring and too typical over time. It’s time to take back game day... read more

We’re Famous for Our Tamales, But Don’t Forget About Our Aquas Frescas!

In the Valley, there’s a flavored beverage that pairs well with our savory tamales: agua fresca! This drink is a hispanic treasure that’s been around since Aztec times. Nothing compliments our tamales better than one of these refreshing drinks! If you’re a non-Valley resident, don’t worry! Aguas frescas are so popular nowadays that you might find them near you! Let’s... read more

Doing Our Part to Help the Victims of Hurricane Harvey

In late August 2017, the world witnessed Hurricane Harvey bringing record-breaking winds and flooding as well as untold amounts of damage to the Lone Star State. Countless Texans lost their possessions and were left without power and running water, making it difficult to get back on their feet. We immediately took action and decided to do our part in helping... read more

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