Make Your Last-Minute Search for Tamales Worth it with Delia’s!

We’re in Texas, and one of the most popular Christmas traditions in the Lone Star State is eating tamales during the holidays. For generations, Texans have enjoyed tamales during this season because, frankly, it just wouldn’t be the holidays without them! Pickup Orders Only This is the busiest time of the year, and if you want to enjoy these tasty... read more

Indulge in Some Delicious Holiday Cheer with Delia’s!

The holidays are right around the corner and that means that a Rio Grande Valley tradition is almost upon us! Yes, that means enjoying Delia’s with the family! Of course, delicious foods are synonymous with the holidays, so make room for our holiday tamales. Here are a few reasons why enjoying Delia’s is a must during the holidays: We are... read more

Answers to the Most Common Questions That We’re Asked About Our Tamales!

At Delia’s, we’ve proudly been serving our delicious homemade tamales for over 30 years. During this time, we’ve received many, many questions from our customers about our delicious dishes. We’ve chosen seven of the most common and have decided to answer them! Do you ship your tamales outside of Texas? Yes, Delia’s can ship an order of tamales outside of... read more

Cold Weather Calls for Menudo, So Get Yours at Delia’s!

It’s October and that means temperatures will be dropping soon! There’s a cold front predicted to sweep across the Rio Grande Valley during the third week of the month and temperatures could fall to the mid-60’s! If you’ve lived in the Rio Grande Valley your entire life, then you know that cold weather means stopping by one of our many... read more

Movie Nights Are Always Better with Amazing Tamales on Your Table!

In the upcoming months, the pace of life will begin to slow as the season shifts from the constant heat beating down to more frequent overcast skies. This change in weather makes it easier to stay in. On top of that, opting for a movie night is a no-brainer. Besides, cozying up with your loved ones with a dozen or... read more

Three Ways to Enjoy Our Delicious Tamales as Leftovers!

When you set foot in one of our many establishments, do you already have in mind what you’ll be ordering? Will it be a half dozen chicken tamales? What about three dozen pork? No matter what your preference is, know that our menu will definitely have something that you’re sure to love! If you’ve purchased many tamales and have leftovers,... read more

Take a Break from Last-Minute School Shopping with Our Tamales!

Most kids in the Valley are already back to school, but that doesn’t mean getting those last-minute supplies and clothes is over! We know that parenting can be tough sometimes during this time of year, but at least you’ll have something to look forward to. Our tamales! If you’re still running back and forth between department stores and supply shops... read more

3 Simple Activities to Enjoy with Our Delicious Tamales for the Rest of Summer!

Just because a new school year is around the corner doesn’t mean that summer is over! With a few weeks left, know that there are plenty of fun activities you can still do with the family. Whether it’s taking a short road trip for a quick weekend getaway or a day at the beach, there’s still so much fun to... read more

3 Important Things that Help Us Stand Out in the Rio Grande Valley!

Have you ever taken the time to wonder what makes us stand out from other eateries in the Rio Grande Valley? It’s quite easy, really. Our founder, Delia, began her tamale-making venture over 30 years ago by selling her delicious tamales door-to-door and business-to-business, slowly building a clientele before opening her first location in South McAllen in 1998. It’s this passion that’s... read more

Plan Your Fourth of July Celebration with Delia’s!

The Fourth of July is fast approaching, and other than those well-anticipated fireworks, parades, bonfires, gun salutes and decorations, good food will also be a must-have. Forget the grill and the typical boring barbecue foods this year. Instead, turn the tables with a few dozen tamales to celebrate! They’re delicious, practical and perfect for every occasion! Save Time to Enjoy... read more

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