5 Reasons Why Parents Love Tamales from Delia’s

In the world of family dinners, few dishes can rival the sheer delight and satisfaction that tamales bring to the table. These traditional Mexican delicacies have been a beloved staple in many households, and for good reason. Parents, in particular, appreciate the convenience, flavor, and wholesome goodness that tamales offer.  Let’s explore five compelling reasons why parents love bringing Delia's... read more

The Best Ways to Reheat Tamales, Including the Air Fryer

Tamales, with their delicious filling encased in a steamed corn masa shell, are a beloved staple of Mexican cuisine. Whether you make them at home or order them from a local restaurant like Delias Tamales, it's not uncommon to have a few leftovers. The good news is that reheating to enjoy them again is easy and can result in a... read more

The Benefits of Shipping Delia’s Tamales: A Taste of Tradition Delivered to Your Doorstep

Delia's Tamales, a beloved Tex-Mex institution, has been serving up mouthwatering tamales for over 30 years. Known for their authentic recipes and commitment to quality, Delia's Tamales has expanded its reach beyond their brick-and-mortar locations by offering the convenience of shipping their delectable tamales directly to your doorstep. In this blog, we'll explore what goes into the process of shipping... read more

8 Reasons Parents Love the Best Tamales in Texas

With the school season right around the corner, we know parents are hunting for something yummy and hassle-free to feed their kiddos. That's where the best tamales in Texas come to the rescue! Our tamales are morsels of happiness, made with love and secret family recipes.  Perfect for a school day snack or meal – tasty, easy, and sure to... read more

Explore More About the Art of Making Tamales

Regarding Mexican cuisine, few dishes are as iconic and beloved as tamales. These delicious flavor bundles wrapped in corn husks have been a cherished part of Mexican culture for centuries. At Delia's, we take pride in our commitment to preserving the tradition of making tamales, which requires skill, passion, and dedication.  Let's explore the wide variety of tamales that Delia's... read more

Choose Delia’s Tamales for Football Season

Football season is upon us, and that means it's time for thrilling touchdowns, nail-biting finishes, and the joy of gathering with friends and family to cheer on your favorite team. But what's game day without delicious food to fuel your spirits and taste buds? Choose tamales for football season! This year, why not elevate your tailgate or homegating experience by... read more

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner: Order Delia’s Tamales

Delia's Tamales has been a trusted name for decades when it comes to delicious Mexican cuisine in the Rio Grande Valley. Whether you're looking for a hearty breakfast, a filling lunch, or a delightful dinner, order Delia's Tamales. While tamales are their specialty, many might need to realize that Delia's offers a variety of options that can satisfy your cravings... read more

Delia’s Tamales: How Our Authentic Tamales Bring Warmth to Every Bite

In a world filled with fast-paced lifestyles and ever-changing trends, one culinary delight continues to bring us back to our roots, offering not just a delicious meal but also a comforting experience that warms the heart and soul. At Delia's Tamales, our authentic tamales encapsulate the essence of comfort food, providing a taste of tradition and a feeling of coziness... read more

6 Reasons to Appreciate Authentic Tamales in Texas

Embarking on a journey through the world of tamales is like stepping into the heart of authentic Mexican cuisine. With their rich history and diverse fillings, authentic tamales in Texas are a culinary experience that captures the essence of tradition and flavor. Pairing Flavors  As you embark on your tamale-tasting journey, consider the art of pairing flavors. With its diverse... read more

5 Creative Ways to Enjoy Delia’s Tamales Year Round

Tamales are a traditional Mexican dish loved by many for their delicious flavors and unique textures. While they are often associated with special occasions and holidays, there's no reason to limit your joy for tamales only to the holidays. Check out a few ways to enjoy Delia's tamales throughout the year. Tamale Casseroles One fantastic way to enjoy tamales beyond their... read more

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