3 Tips to Store Tamales for the Holidays!

The holidays are right around the corner, which means more time to spend with family enjoying Delia’s tamales! Check out our recent blog to learn why you should order your tamales before it’s too late! You can also pick them up at our locations. We would like to offer three tips to help you store your tamales so they are... read more

Beat The Holiday Rush: Pre-Order Tamales Online!

Since the holidays are our busiest time of the year, Delia's invites our customers to indulge in our delicious tamales. We have an extensive menu of tamales to choose from, including chicken, pork, bean, and sweet cream tamales. Be sure to pre-order tamales online as soon as possible to beat the holiday rush! Best Tamales Holiday Staple We want to share a few... read more

5 Combinations of Tamales for Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican tradition celebrated on November 1st and 2nd, celebrating our loved ones who have passed. During this holiday, food is believed to entice the souls of your loved ones to visit. Friends and family celebrate by creating altars with photographs reliving memories of their loved ones, drinks, marigolds, and food staples, such as Delia’s!... read more

The Incredible History of Aguas Frescas: Available at Delias Tamales!

Aguas frescas, also known as “fresh waters,” are beverages made of fruits, grains, seeds, nuts, herbs, spices, and sweeteners. This blended drink can be found at mercados, taquerias, and your favorite tamale restaurant, Delia’s Tamales. Aguas frescas also have deep cultural connections in Mexican and other international cuisine. Learn about the history of this unique drink! Aguas Frescas Historical Roots... read more

5 Delicious Side Dishes to Pair with Our Savory Tamales!

At Delia’s, we proudly serve the best tamales at our seven locations in the Rio Grande Valley and San Antonio. Our menu includes a wide selection, like our famous chicken, pork, bean and cheese, sweet cream cheese, and Veracruzano tamales, to name a few. Although they’re delicious on their own, we’d like to suggest a few side dishes to pair... read more

If You’re Dealing with a Hangover, Then Have Some of Our Menudo!

Sometimes, when you party a little too hard, you just might wake up the following morning (or afternoon!) with a dreaded hangover. If it’s severe and you’re in desperate need of a “cure,” then know that our menu has a special item that will have you feeling better in no time. Yep, we’re talking about our menudo! Humble Beginnings for... read more

3 Reasons Why Delia’s Continues to be One of the Best in South Texas!

When it comes to restaurants, some offer the bare minimum with little to no effort in cooking up an unforgettable meal. You see this a lot with fast food spots, but that isn’t how we do business at Delia’s! In fact, our commitment to the community goes way beyond what we offer at our seven locations in The Valley and... read more

Delia’s FAQs: We Answer Your Most Popular Questions

At Delia’s, we put in the work, dedication, and love into traditional food so you don’t have to! Of course, we want to do the same when it comes to the questions you have about our services. It’s the reason why we want to highlight the five most common questions we receive from our visitors!  Do You Ship? Yes, and... read more

Show Dad You Love Him on Father’s Day with Some Tamales from Delia’s!

No matter what comes your way in life, you can always count on Dad to lend you a helping hand. So, why not celebrate your love and appreciation for him on Father’s Day with some tamales from Delia’s? It’ll be a grand gift, just like he deserves. And above all, it’ll be delicious! We’ve Got You Covered At Delia’s, we... read more

Not From South Texas? No Problem Because Delia’s Ships Tamales to You!

Photo courtesy of April Reyes on Facebook. Do you ever get that craving for traditional, made-with-love, nothing-but-fresh-ingredient tamales? It can hit you during cold winter months, in the middle of the summer, or right before a huge family celebration.  For most people in South Texas and San Antonio, they can simply visit one of our locations to scratch that itch!... read more

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