Tamales in San Antonio: Our New Location is Opening Soon and We’re Hiring!

The company that’s provided delicious and convenient tamales for so many years is making its way up Route 281! That’s right, in case you haven’t heard yet, Delia’s will be opening its first San Antonio location very soon at 13527 Hausman Pass. Now, residents of the Alamo City can dig into our famous tamales or even become part of our... read more

School’s Out: Make Your Kids’ Continued Homestay Delicious with Delia’s!

School is out for the summer! For many kids, their stints at home will continue for at least the next couple of months. But just because they’re free of responsibilities doesn’t mean you are too! With work, house duties, and childcare, there’s a big chance you won’t have time to prepare meals every day. But don’t worry, Delia’s has you... read more

3 Reasons Why Our Tamales Make the Perfect Meal While You’re Home

The need to stay home continues for many in the Rio Grande Valley despite countless businesses already having reopened. For those that have chosen to continue staying home, the need for a delicious meal each day will always be there. At Delia’s, we understand that you probably have too much on your mind right now, but don’t worry! Our tamales... read more

Delia’s Knows How to Make the Most Out of Family Time with Food

There’s no denying that the last few weeks have been hectic, worrying, and confusing due to COVID-19. While most of us are sitting at home, waiting for normality to become an everyday thing again, it’s important to make the most out of the time we have with our families. At Delia’s, we really believe that, by turning a negative situation... read more

Fast and Easy: Why Our Tamales Make the Perfect At-Home Meal During These Times

Our current day-to-day lives have changed a lot because of COVID-19, or the Coronavirus. The kids are at home 24/7, going to the grocery store can be nerve-racking, and visiting friends and relatives is a no-no! With so much going on, your family needs a hot, delicious meal now more than ever. Delia’s is the perfect option for keeping your... read more

Even When Times Are Tough, Delia’s is Here for You!

Photo courtesy of @bethanyanise on Instagram. With so much happening in the news and world, it can be a bit tough to keep up with it all. Luckily, Delia’s provides the perfect way to get ready-made meals to enjoy at home! Although we’ve closed our dining areas due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we’re still providing service through our drive-thrus and... read more

If You’re Headed to the Beach on Spring Break, Don’t Forget Our Tamales!

In just a few weeks, students across the Rio Grande Valley will take a much-needed break from the grueling responsibilities of school. This means your family will have a perfect opportunity to head out to beautiful South Padre Island to enjoy the sand, waves, and some quality time together. Of course, no trip would be complete without a few dozen... read more

Did You Find the Baby in the Rosca de Reyes? Start Planning the Tamalada!

If you live in the Rio Grande Valley, then there’s a good chance you spent January 6th eating delicious Rosca de Reyes at home, Abuela’s house, or even at work. It’s a wonderful tradition that brings everyone together to enjoy cake and find out who will get the plastic baby hidden in the Rosca. But do you know what happens... read more

Our Own Delia Lubin to be Recognized with Two Other Businesswomen by the McAllen Chamber of Commerce!

Courtesy of TexasBorderBusiness.com The Rio Grande Valley is home to hardworking and dedicated people from all walks of life, and hard work pays off! For the last 30 years, our founder, Delia Lubin, has put in the elbow grease to make Delia’s into the restaurant chain that we all know and love today! Now, her work, along with the work... read more

At Delia’s, We Believe that 2020 is the Year of the Tamale!

For many years, Delia’s has been serving delicious tamales that, over time, has made the company into a household name. 2019 is coming to a close and that means we’ll be entering a new decade with new possibilities! We’re looking forward to 2020 because of the many new faces that will join our family of customers. Find out more below!... read more

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