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6 Reasons to Appreciate Authentic Tamales in Texas

Embarking on a journey through the world of tamales is like stepping into the heart of authentic Mexican cuisine. With their rich history and diverse fillings, authentic tamales in Texas are a culinary experience that captures the essence of tradition and flavor. Pairing Flavors  As you embark on your tamale-tasting journey, consider the art of pairing flavors. With its diverse... read more

5 Creative Ways to Enjoy Delia’s Tamales Year Round

Tamales are a traditional Mexican dish loved by many for their delicious flavors and unique textures. While they are often associated with special occasions and holidays, there's no reason to limit your joy for tamales only to the holidays. Check out a few ways to enjoy Delia's tamales throughout the year. Tamale Casseroles One fantastic way to enjoy tamales beyond their... read more

Exploring 5 Specialty Flavor Tamales from Delia’s

For many, the mention of tamales conjures up images of classic pork, chicken, or beef fillings wrapped in corn masa and steamed to perfection. While these traditional options are undeniably delicious, the world of tamales is vast and offers an array of exciting specialty flavor tamales that will tantalize your taste buds.  At Delia's Tamales, we take pride in going... read more

Delia’s Tamales: 5 Spicy Tamales that Heat Up Your Taste Buds

For spice enthusiasts and lovers of Tex-Mex cuisine, there's nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a mouthwatering, spicy tamales. In this blog, we turn up the heat and showcase Delia's Tamales' fiery offerings that will ignite your taste buds. From spicy chicken to spicy pork, these tamales deliver the perfect balance of heat and flavor. We'll explore the tantalizing qualities... read more

Elevate Your School Lunch with Delia’s Tamales

We recommend having Tamales for busy weeks. Learn how to make the most of meal prepping your school lunch with Delia's Tamales! Even on busy days, you can save yourself and your family time by preparing meals for the week, so you cook less and meal prep, so your family enjoys delicious and nutritious meals. As the new school year approaches,... read more

5 Ways to Spice Up the Best Tamales in Texas!

Delia's Tamales is a beloved Mexican dish known for its delicious combination of flavors and textures. Let's dive into five spicy options for the best tamales in Texas. One way to elevate your tamale experience is by adding a kick of heat and tang with the perfect hot sauce or salsa pairing. Each location serves up your favorite red and... read more

Aguas Frescas and Delia’s Tamales is the Pairing Your Summer Craves!

When it comes to tamales, everyone knows that they’re one of the most delicious foods around. The same goes for the refreshing flavor of Aguas Frescas! But did you know that the two together are a match made in heaven? In fact, Delia’s Tamales is so obsessed with the pairing that we put together a list of the best Agua... read more

6 Ways to Incorporate Delia’s Tamales into your Meals

If you want to add a unique twist to your Summer feasts, why not enjoy the mouthwatering flavors of Delia's Tamales? No matter where you are, you can enjoy the authentic taste of our pork, chicken, and vegetarian tamales conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Learn how you can incorporate Delia's Tamales into your meals. Grilled Tamales Fire up the grill... read more

Celebrate Christmas in July with the Best Tamales in Texas

The holiday season is often associated with joy, love, and, of course, delicious food. But who says we have to wait until December to enjoy some festive delights? Let's dive into the flavorsome world of Delia's Tamales and discover why our nationwide shipping service is the perfect way to celebrate Christmas in July. At Delia's Tamales, we believe in spreading holiday... read more

Save Early with Delia’s Tamales Christmas in July Special!

Summer means three things for tamales lovers: Sweet agua frescas Savory specialty tamales Our Christmas in July Special is Back! Order tamales online and enjoy 10% off your online shipping order when you use code HOLLYJOLLYTAMALE at checkout, valid until July 31st, 2023. By indulging in the authentic flavors of Delia's Tamales, you can pay homage to cherished traditions and... read more

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