Football Season is Back, and Delia’s is Game Day Ready!

Football season is back, and in Texas, this means that countless sports fanatics will be spending their Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays watching their favorite teams! So, before heading out to your local game or throwing a big game day watch party from home, be sure to have the only food that can satisfy your game day hunger: an order... read more

If You’re Planning a Road Trip with the Family, Then Don’t Forget to Bring Some Delia’s Along!

We’re well into summer, but many families in the Valley have yet to take that annual vacation due to work, family responsibilities, and other reasons. Many road trippers tend to spend a few hundred dollars each year on food alone, and we know that you’d rather spend all of that money on other things. This year make a change and... read more

Attention All Parents: During Summer, Get Your Kids an Order of Delia’s!

This Summer, Get Your Kids an Order of Delia’s We’re in the middle of the dog days of summer and that means the kids are at home from school. If they’re anything like my brother and I during summers off from school, then they’re probably eating everything in the house, or they’re eating three bowls of cereal a day. Get... read more

Delia’s is Proud to Announce Our Newest, Soon-to-Be Location in San Antonio!

For those of you who were once residents of the Rio Grande Valley, what do you miss the most about the area? Other than family and friends, we’re guessing it’s going to be the food. After all, the Valley is known for its down-to-earth restaurants with home-style cooking. Delia’s is a staple of Valley eating thanks to our large menu... read more

If You Don’t Reside Near One of Our Locations, Then Here’s How You Can Order Our Tamales!

One of the most popular questions we’re asked on social media is, “Do you all ship your tamales to other locations?” And these other locations can be as close by as Brownsville or as far away as Michigan! The answer is a resounding YES! We can ship any of our tamales nationwide, and here’s how we can get them to... read more

Delia’s Tamales: Perfect for Every Holiday, Occasion, and Three-Day Weekend!

In Texas, whenever a holiday, special occasion, or three-day weekend comes around, we celebrate it with food. If you’re a Texan, think about it. When it’s a graduation, we all get together with family and go out to lunch or dinner. When it’s Mother’s or Father’s Day, the family comes together and cooks up an enormous and delicious feast. And... read more

Make This Year’s Mother’s Day an Unforgettable One with Some Tamales at Delia’s!

Mother’s Day is that time of year when you can thank Mom for all she’s done for you. So, this year, instead of gifting her with flowers or chocolates, get her something that she’ll truly love. Take Mom out to Delia’s! Nothing says “I love you” quite like a trip to one of our many locations for a delicious variety... read more

Make Your Spring Break One to Remember by Enjoying Our Tamales!

“At Delia’s, we can easily tell when school’s out, when it’s Spring Break, and when it’s summer because there are lots of kids at our restaurants during the day!” That’s Delia’s CEO Sophia Lubin talking about a typical day at our restaurants during Spring Break or the summer. If you’re looking to treat the kids with some delicious tamales, then... read more

5 Reasons Why Delia’s is the Best Restaurant in South Texas

Delia’s isn’t just a local restaurant in South Texas, it’s a hallmark of the region. For out-of-towners, it’s one of the first and last places to visit in the Rio Grande Valley. But what makes Delia’s so special? Here are five reasons why it’s the best restaurant in South Texas! It’s Simply Delia-licious! We’re known for the amazing flavors of... read more

Make Your Super Bowl Party One to be Remembered with Delia’s!

It’s that time of year again when barbeques will be hosted, delicious foods will be eaten, and everyone in attendance will enjoy the Super Bowl! If you’re planning on having friends and family over, then forego the typical foods and shake it up a bit. Pre-game it the right way and head over to Delia’s beforehand to pick up a... read more

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