Everything You Should Know About How We Ship Our Tamales to All 50 States!

If you’re a Valley resident, chances are you’ve eaten a few savory tamales during the holiday season. If you reside in the region, then you’re very fortunate because Delia's Tamales serves your favorite varieties year-round! For those of you residing elsewhere, you’re also in luck because you can order yours online and have them shipped anywhere in the U.S., including... read more

Get Your Game Day Ready with a Delicious Serving of Delia’s Tamales!

Football season is a big deal in Texas, and it doesn’t matter if it’s college or pro football either. Another thing that’s a big deal in the Lone Star State is tamales, Delia’s Tamales! Game day normally involves pizza, hot wings, chips and dips. That can get boring and too typical over time. It’s time to take back game day... read more

We’re Famous for Our Tamales, But Don’t Forget About Our Aquas Frescas!

In the Valley, there’s a flavored beverage that pairs well with our savory tamales: agua fresca! This drink is a hispanic treasure that’s been around since Aztec times. Nothing compliments our tamales better than one of these refreshing drinks! If you’re a non-Valley resident, don’t worry! Aguas frescas are so popular nowadays that you might find them near you! Let’s... read more

Doing Our Part to Help the Victims of Hurricane Harvey

In late August 2017, the world witnessed Hurricane Harvey bringing record-breaking winds and flooding as well as untold amounts of damage to the Lone Star State. Countless Texans lost their possessions and were left without power and running water, making it difficult to get back on their feet. We immediately took action and decided to do our part in helping... read more

Delia’s Tamales Can Make Dinner Easier for Those Upcoming After School Days!

“Mom, Dad! We’re hungry now!” Now that school has started for most kids, you’ll probably be hearing this more often at the end of your day. Instead of spending time cooking a long dinner after a long day, give our tamales a try! We’re open at the most convenient hours of the day and have a drive-thru as well! We... read more

The Best Tamales You’ll Ever Have Can be Shipped Right to You!

In the Rio Grande Valley, when you ask where to get the best tamales, Delia’s is the number one choice. 30 years of tradition has made us a household name in tamale-making, from South Texas all the way to San Antonio, Austin and even Laredo. Delia’s has conquered the Lone Star State with delicious and authentic-tasting tamales. And now with... read more

Delia’s Menudo: The Hangover Reliever

Everyone loves a good party. After a night of unwinding fun with friends and family, though, you may start regretting all of the drinking you’ve done, and finding a cure to such an agonizing hangover can seem impossible. Well, there’s one item on our menu that’s considered to be the perfect cure for this discomfort. Menudo! Along with our menudo,... read more

Cheese Tamale Showdown: Which is Your Favorite?

A quick insight into the history of the tamale will tell you that this delicious meal has been around since 7,000 B.C. After being passed down from generation to generation and being adapted to modern society, tamales are still loved by all. And in the Rio Grande Valley, there’s no better place to enjoy these mouth-watering treats than at Delia’s.... read more

Find Out More About How We Ship Tamales All Over the Country!

Tamales are more than just a local delicacy in the Rio Grande Valley. They’re also a tradition as a meal during celebrations and get-togethers! There are several places that claim to have the best, but in our area, there’s only one company that’s proven it: Delia’s! Our tamales are enjoyed by thousands of visitors and residents and are now captivating... read more

Cementing Your Graduate’s Special Day with a Trip to Delia’s Tamales!

3.5 million students are expected to graduate from high school in the United States in late May and Early June. In the Rio Grande Valley, many graduates have already taken the stage to the next chapter of their lives. As they continue onward with their success, they will cherish this special moment with the family and friends that have shaped... read more

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