If You’re Headed to the Beach on Spring Break, Don’t Forget Our Tamales!

In just a few weeks, students across the Rio Grande Valley will take a much-needed break from the grueling responsibilities of school. This means your family will have a perfect opportunity to head out to beautiful South Padre Island to enjoy the sand, waves, and some quality time together. Of course, no trip would be complete without a few dozen tamales from Delia’s, and we’re here to tell you exactly why!

You Can’t Go Wrong with Delia’s

The trip to the island can be lengthy, so when exactly will you have time to prepare food? The truth is, Mom and Dad have other things in mind, but you can always count on Delia’s! We have over 19 delicious varieties of tamales for you to load up along with your swimsuit and towels. It really is that easy! The best thing is that your kids won’t be making any messes in your car like they would with other foods. All they have to do is unwrap and snack!

A History of Ingenuity

We’re confident when we say that Delia’s is the Valley’s favorite tamale place. Yet, the honor didn’t fall into our lap out of anywhere. Miss Delia had to work hard for it! It all started over 30 years ago when she and her sister began selling tamales door-to-door, from business to business.

The tamales were so delectable, and the service was so reliable, that the demand grew through the years. In 1998, after garnering a fantastic reputation, Delia opened her first location in South McAllen. Now, with six locations across Hidalgo County and a seventh opening in San Antonio soon, Delia’s continues to provide the scrumptious tamales you know and love!

We’ll See You During Spring Break!

Even if your little ones are picky eaters, we know that they’ll find a tamale they love on our menu! Visit any of our locations before heading out to the beach and stop stressing about cooking and cleaning! Remember, even if you’re not located in the Rio Grande Valley, Delia’s ships throughout the nation! If you want to know more about our services and menu options, get in touch with us today.


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