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Make Your Spring Break One to Remember by Enjoying Our Tamales!

“At Delia’s, we can easily tell when school’s out, when it’s Spring Break, and when it’s summer because there are lots of kids at our restaurants during the day!” That’s Delia’s CEO Sophia Lubin talking about a typical day at our restaurants during Spring Break or the summer. If you’re looking to treat the kids with some delicious tamales, then... read more

5 Reasons Why Delia’s is the Best Restaurant in South Texas

Delia’s isn’t just a local restaurant in South Texas, it’s a hallmark of the region. For out-of-towners, it’s one of the first and last places to visit in the Rio Grande Valley. But what makes Delia’s so special? Here are five reasons why it’s the best restaurant in South Texas! It’s Simply Delia-licious! We’re known for the amazing flavors of... read more

Make Your Super Bowl Party One to be Remembered with Delia’s!

It’s that time of year again when barbeques will be hosted, delicious foods will be eaten, and everyone in attendance will enjoy the Super Bowl! If you’re planning on having friends and family over, then forego the typical foods and shake it up a bit. Pre-game it the right way and head over to Delia’s beforehand to pick up a... read more

The Best Tamales in Texas Can Only be Found at Delia’s!

Where can you find the absolute BEST tamales in Texas? Well, first of all, it’s important to know that there are actually six places where you can find them in Texas! But what makes ours so special? Delia’s Goes Nationwide Since Delia’s opened its first location in 1998, requests have been made for tamale shipments all over the United States.... read more

Get Ready for the Big Game and Make Your Football Party Unforgettable with Our Tamales!

It’s January and the football playoffs are upon us, which means that game day snacks should be taken just as seriously. If you’re hosting a watch party and need to feed several friends who are coming over, don’t look any further than Delia’s. Our delicious tamales are perfect for football and for any group, large or small. Hosting friends will... read more

Make Your Last-Minute Search for Tamales Worth it with Delia’s!

We’re in Texas, and one of the most popular Christmas traditions in the Lone Star State is eating tamales during the holidays. For generations, Texans have enjoyed tamales during this season because, frankly, it just wouldn’t be the holidays without them! Pickup Orders Only This is the busiest time of the year, and if you want to enjoy these tasty... read more

Indulge in Some Delicious Holiday Cheer with Delia’s!

The holidays are right around the corner and that means that a Rio Grande Valley tradition is almost upon us! Yes, that means enjoying Delia’s with the family! Of course, delicious foods are synonymous with the holidays, so make room for our holiday tamales. Here are a few reasons why enjoying Delia’s is a must during the holidays: We are... read more

Answers to the Most Common Questions That We’re Asked About Our Tamales!

At Delia’s, we’ve proudly been serving our delicious homemade tamales for over 30 years. During this time, we’ve received many, many questions from our customers about our delicious dishes. We’ve chosen seven of the most common and have decided to answer them! Do you ship your tamales outside of Texas? Yes, Delia’s can ship an order of tamales outside of... read more

Cold Weather Calls for Menudo, So Get Yours at Delia’s!

It’s October and that means temperatures will be dropping soon! There’s a cold front predicted to sweep across the Rio Grande Valley during the third week of the month and temperatures could fall to the mid-60’s! If you’ve lived in the Rio Grande Valley your entire life, then you know that cold weather means stopping by one of our many... read more

Movie Nights Are Always Better with Amazing Tamales on Your Table!

In the upcoming months, the pace of life will begin to slow as the season shifts from the constant heat beating down to more frequent overcast skies. This change in weather makes it easier to stay in. On top of that, opting for a movie night is a no-brainer. Besides, cozying up with your loved ones with a dozen or... read more

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