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If You Reside Outside of the Rio Grande Valley, Order Our Tamales Online!

Delia’s has a beautiful and rich history in South Texas that spans almost 30 years. When our first location in South McAllen opened, no one could’ve ever imagined just how far the traditional tastes of tamales would go. Now, with our first location outside the RGV in San Antonio, Delia’s is making its way to even more plates. That’s even the case for those outside of South Texas and San Antonio!

Delivered to Your Door

The demand for our tamales in South Texas was so high that we knew we had to do something! You can now order your tamales and have them delivered right to your door no matter where in the nation you live. Simply check out our menu, pick your shipping preference, and your order is placed!

A Tamale for Everyone

At Delia’s, we know no two taste buds are the same. It’s the reason why our menu includes a multitude of options! Whether you prefer beef, chicken and cheese, or prefer meatless, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Even if you’re in a rush, know that you’ll have your order in just a matter of moments. Our tamales might be made with labor-intensive methods, but our service is nothing short of lightning fast!

Place an Order Today!

Whether you’re ready for some delicious tamales, a hearty bowl of Menudo, or refreshing Aguas Frescas, Delia’s serves it all! Visit one of our seven locations or order your tamales online!

13 Responses to “If You Reside Outside of the Rio Grande Valley, Order Our Tamales Online!”

    • Delia's Tamales


      The only way to be able to see exactly how much shipping would be will be to go through the ordering process on our website. There are too many factors like location, how many dozens you’re ordering, etc etc. You will be given a price before finalizing your order.

      -Delia’s Tamales

    • Delia's Tamales

      Afternoon Lopez,

      The best way to get your order in will be to go into the store and request your order. Due to high demand it may be hard to reach anyone over the phone.

      -Delia’s Tamales

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