5 Amazing and Not-So-Well-Known Facts About Tamales!

When it comes to the famous tamale, you’ve either grown up with them or are curious enough to try them! Whatever the case, there are some very interesting and hidden facts about them that you might now know! If you’re ready to find out what they are, then grab your favorite tamale flavor, a refreshing Agua Fresca, and read on!

The Tamale Sandwich

No, you didn’t read that wrong. Deep in the heart of Mexico, you can find yourself dangerously close to the guajolota, or tamale sandwich. This calorie-loaded creation is composed of a tamale nestled between a traditional Mexican roll known as a bolillo. It might sound crazy, but most people buy them due to their convenience since they’re easier and less messy to eat. 

Time Consuming Tasks

If you’re ever craving tamales, then all you have to do is drive up to Delia’s and pick up an order. However, it’s important to acknowledge just how time-consuming tamale-making really is! Between the stewing and cooking of the fillings and the careful preparation of the masa, large batches of tamales can take days to prepare! 

Watch the Fillings

Chances are you’re familiar with the more traditional tamale filling like pork, beef, chicken, beans, and even jalapeños! But did you know certain parts of Mexico serve egg tamales? You can also find shrimp tamales in coastal cities. But, more surprisingly, some parts of Mexico specialize in iguana tamales! Would you try those out?

Tamale Day

The things we love deserve to be celebrated. That’s why March 23rd is National Tamale Day! We’ll forgive you if you didn’t know that, but we do encourage you to help us celebrate this great day every year from now on!

Different Names in Different Places

Although you may think tamales are strictly Mexican, you can find them in many different Latin American countries. In fact, they have different names:

  • Venezuela – Hallaca
  • Colombia – Bollo
  • Ecuador – Humita
  • Nicaragua – Nacatamal
  • Guatemala – Paches/Chuchitos

Order Tamales Online Today!

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about tamales, why not try some for yourself? Delia’s is here for your cravings with our delicious chicken, beef, cheese, sweet, and other tamales! Order online today or visit any of our locations!

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