Due to circumstances beyond our control,
some orders may be delayed due to the weather issues in select parts of the country.

It’s Never Too Late to Start Your Year with Some Delicious Tamales!

Although our tamales and the holidays go hand-in-hand, it’s never too late to enjoy them even if 2021 has already begun! No matter how busy you get with what 2021 has and will throw your way, you can always find time for the deliciousness that our tamales have to offer. So, if you and your loved ones are ready to indulge, then Delia’s is ready to provide the goods!

Be Timely!

Our tamales are very popular in the Valley and San Antonio, and when temperatures fall, you can bet that locals will be buying them by the dozen. Even though the holiday season is past and running low on tamales is no longer a worry, we still urge you to place an order as soon as possible. Remember, you can always call your closest location as well!

Picking Up Your Orders

Once you place an order by phone at one of our locations, you can stop on by to pick it up almost immediately! That’s how fast we work, and you can bet that our tamales will be piping hot and ready to eat as soon as you arrive home. If you order your tamales online, then we freeze them to ensure that they arrive at their destination with all flavors intact! All you have to do is reheat them and they’ll be as delicious as they were when they were prepared!

The Choices Are Endless!

At Delia’s, we take pride in offering something for absolutely everyone because we know that every palate is different. Our seven locations in Texas are ready to serve you! Feel free to contact us with any questions about our menu or shipping options.

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