Delia’s in 210: What San Antonio Can Expect from Us!

Very soon, we’ll be opening our doors to our first-ever location outside of the Rio Grande Valley in San Antonio! This means that San Antonians can look forward to stopping by 13527 Hausman Pass to enjoy some of the most delicious and filling tamales around. But what else can San Antonio expect from us? Allow us to introduce ourselves!

A History of Unforgettable Flavors and Service

Back in 1998, our very own Miss Delia took her humble beginnings to new heights. What started as a door-to-door business venture selling tamales out of a cooler turned into her opening the very first Delia’s location in South McAllen. Soon, a large part of the Rio Grande Valley learned just how amazing her tamales are. This led to five more locations opening throughout Hidalgo County! Of course, we never forget our roots, which is why each batch of tamales, menudo, aguas frescas, and everything else we offer is made with hard work, dedication, and love!

Tamales Any Time, Anywhere!

The love for Delia’s isn’t limited to the Rio Grande Valley or even South Texas! This is something we’ve kept in mind for years which gave way to our amazing shipping service! Whether you live up north, along the West Coast, or in the east, you can enjoy our delicious tamales. Simply place an online order and our tamales will arrive frozen and ready to be heated or saved for a later time!

Accommodating Every Palate

At Delia’s, we know that not every taste bud is the same. In fact, dietary restrictions can often make it difficult to find the perfect tamale. We go out of our way to make a tamale that fits any dietary need! Whether you’re practicing lent and have to forgo meat or if you’re a practicing vegetarian, you can still enjoy our meatless options:

  • Bean
  • Bean and jalapeno
  • Bean and cheese
  • Bean, cheese, and jalapeño
  • Cream cheese and jalapeño
  • Sweet cream cheese
  • Corn

Enjoy Our Tamales in San Antonio!

We can’t wait to open our doors in San Antonio to offer your beautiful city our delicious tamales! In the meantime, consider becoming a member of our team! Otherwise, contact us to learn more!

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