3 Reasons Why Delia’s Continues to be One of the Best in South Texas!

When it comes to restaurants, some offer the bare minimum with little to no effort in cooking up an unforgettable meal. You see this a lot with fast food spots, but that isn’t how we do business at Delia’s! In fact, our commitment to the community goes way beyond what we offer at our seven locations in The Valley and San Antonio. It’s something we take pride in and strongly believe makes us one of the best eateries in Texas!

Our Commitment to Tradition

Tamales are not only delicious, but they’re an important mark in our region’s rich tradition. They are deeply ingrained in the fabric of our culture and the reason we work around the clock to provide them year-round. You see, making tamales is hard work, but the pride we get from having our community enjoy them makes it all worth it.

We Love Our Community

Delia’s is South Texan through and through. From our humble beginning years ago, to the dedicated regional restaurant chain you see today, our goal is always to help the community. It’s why you’ll often see us supporting and participating at local events, and why we provide meals in times of need, like when Hurricane Harvey hit our area.

We Value Your Input

Our service is only as good as our willingness to provide what customers want. That’s why we’re always accessible because we know that you always have feedback. And if phone calls aren’t your style, you can always drop a message on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, which are actively monitored for your feedback.

Buy Tamales Online Today!

If all this talk about tamales is making you hungry, then don’t wait! Swing by any of our locations in the Rio Grande Valley or San Antonio for some of the most delicious tamales around! And remember, you can also have our tamales delivered to you anywhere in the nation!

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