We’re Famous for Our Tamales, But Don’t Forget About Our Aquas Frescas!

In the Valley, there’s a flavored beverage that pairs well with our savory tamales: agua fresca! This drink is a hispanic treasure that’s been around since Aztec times. Nothing compliments our tamales better than one of these refreshing drinks! If you’re a non-Valley resident, don’t worry! Aguas frescas are so popular nowadays that you might find them near you! Let’s go over the different flavors of this very popular drink and which of our tamales go with each!

Ready to indulge in our tamales but live outside of the Valley? Don’t worry! You can place an order online and have them shipped to you!

A Fruity Business

Different fruits are used to make aguas frescas. Back in the pre-Columbian period, it was whatever fruit was in season. At Delia’s Tamales, you can find your favorite tamales and agua fresca flavors year-round. We offer six popular flavors:

  • Horchata (try with spicy pork tamales)
  • Jamaica (try with spicy chicken and cheese tamales)
  • Pina (try with bean, cheese and jalapeno tamales)
  • Mango (try with beef tamales)
  • Melon (try with cream cheese and jalapeno tamales)
  • Lemonade (try with veracruzano chicken tamales)

Whichever flavor you decide to have with your dozen tamales, we know it’ll be paired well! We conducted a Twitter poll recently to find out which flavor was your favorite and, believe it or not, it was a tie between Horchata and Jamaica!


We know that Horchata is popular in the Valley. Some may even say that it’s like a dessert beverage. Ironically, this flavor contains no dairy and is actually made using rice, almonds, cinnamon and sometimes tiger nuts. Horchata is so delicious that many of our customers love pairing it with our sweet cream and cheese tamales!


This deep magenta-colored beverage is actually hibiscus tea. It has a tart, cranberry-like flavor with small amounts of added sugar and is served chilled over ice. This refreshing and light agua fresca pairs perfectly with our selection of spicy tamales.

Choose Your Flavor

Tamales and these fruit- and water-based beverages are a big part of Mexican culture. We recommend for our distant customers to make a quick run to browse the shelves of their local supermarkets to see if they offer these delicious drinks. As for our local customers, we’re very aware of how our tamales and menudo are well complemented with a large styrofoam cup filled with refreshing agua fresca!

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