Get Your Game Day Ready with a Delicious Serving of Delia’s Tamales!

Football season is a big deal in Texas, and it doesn’t matter if it’s college or pro football either. Another thing that’s a big deal in the Lone Star State is tamales, Delia’s Tamales! Game day normally involves pizza, hot wings, chips and dips. That can get boring and too typical over time. It’s time to take back game day cuisine and replace it with savory tamales from Delia’s!

We offer a large variety of tamales to cater to your game day get-together! Swing by our drive thru or order online today!

Friday Night Lights

Parents, football players, cheerleaders, band kids, it doesn’t matter. Everyone is hungry after a long day of pep rallies and football. So much excitement goes into high school football that it can stir up a big appetite. Win or lose, your friends and family will be starving!

Avoid the stresses of one-hour pizza parlors or burger joint wait times. Be proactive and treat those with you with some Delia’s Tamales! Buy them early, stuff a few dozen into the fridge and quickly reheat them after the game.

Don’t live in the RGV? No problem! Simply order online a few days prior to game day and we’ll have them shipped to your door! You’ll have dinner and possibly leftovers for breakfast! We recommend our tamales and eggs in the morning! They’re delicious!

Game Day Get Together

In the Valley, there are several ways that residents go about catering for a game day get-together. One popular option is ordering pizza and wings for delivery, but in South Texas, it’s firing up the grill for some fajitas, chicken and ribs. It’s a great excuse to show off your barbeque skills, but what about the game? You might miss it because you’ll be too busy cooking!

Here’s a better option, how about Delia’s Tamales? We’re open on weekends and have several tamale varieties available. Also, Saturdays and Sundays are extra special because we have menudo! Purchase a few large bowls to go along with your tamales and enjoy it all while watching the game! With six locations Valley-wide, you can easily swing by!

Step Up Your Game Day Cuisine

Football season comes every year, and having the same game day eats over and over again is boring. Together, we can revolutionize your game day cuisine! Visit us at any of our six locations to pick up your tamales. Remember that you can also order online and have your tamales shipped anywhere in the U.S.!

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