FAQs About Pre-ordering Tamales

The holidays are in full swing, which means it’s time to plan and order your tamales for the family! Don’t forget to purchase your tamales online if you want to send them as a gift to a loved one. We created a friendly list of frequently asked questions from our customers to help you pre-order your tamales today!

Can I see Your Menu?

Yes, of course. You can see our menu online! Visit, https://deliastamales.com/menu/

What are Your Hours?

Our hours of operation are Monday to Saturday 7 AM – 8 PM, and Sunday 7 AM to 6 PM.

FAQs About Pre-ordering Tamales

Can I Place a Holiday Pre-Order?

Yes, of course! You can place your holiday pre-order at the closest Delia’s location on any available day. Check out the nearest location to you!

Why Can’t I Get Through the Phone Lines?

Our phone lines are overwhelmed due to the number of tamale orders we are receiving. We encourage you to visit, if possible, your nearest Delia’s location and place your order in person.

When is the Last Day to Pre-order Tamales?

Due to the varying influx of orders, we do not have an exact date of when pre-orders close.

We usually stop orders a week before Christmas, but we anticipate stopping pre-orders sooner!

Do You Ship to My Location?

We ship throughout the United States. You can start your order online. Visit,


What is the Shipping Cost?

Shipping varies depending on the amount of tamales you are ordering and where it is being delivered to. You can start your order and find out the exact shipping cost without entering any payment information. Visit, https://deliastamales.com/order-tamales-online/

7 Responses to “FAQs About Pre-ordering Tamales”

  1. Arleen Peters

    I am hearing impaired and you do not have TTY system. I was wondering if you can kindly accept my order thru your website. 1 dozen pork tamales, 1 dozen chicken & cheese tamales and 1 dozen chicken & cheese with green sauce tamales. I would like to pickup my order on Dec. 20 or Dec. 21 if possible. Please let me know if you will accept my order. Thank you so much! Ms. Peters

    • Delia's Tamales


      Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. We have placed an order for you this coming Monday for pickup at 9AM at our San Antonio location. We will address this in the future and hopefully avoid you having to go though all this trouble again. If you have any further questions please let us know.

      -Delia’s Tamales

    • Delia's Tamales

      Afternoon Debbie,

      As of right now the only way to get our salsa is in store. We sell large sizes if you wanted them to last you a little longer than normal!

      -Delia’s Tamales

    • Delia's Tamales

      Afternoon Paula,

      Currently, our online ordering is only if you want to have your tamales shipped. If you want to place an order at the Edinburg store we suggest you call or visit the location to place a pre-order for the holidays.

      -Delia’s Tamales

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