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5 Ways to Enjoy Your Delia’s Tamale Order

You heard the buzz of Delia’s Tamales Tamale Orders over the holidays, bought your favorite tamale flavors (including our spicy chicken and cheese tamales), and now they are on your doorstep – now what?

Unless you host a party, you may want to freeze a few dozen for family dinners. Fortunately, Delia’s Tamales can be frozen for up to six months and reheated in minutes. Choose one of the five most convenient ways to reheat your Delia’s tamale order below.

Microwave Tamales

One of the most common reheating options is to microwave a tamale or a bunch of tamales.

From frozen or defrosted:

  • Dampen your tamale cornhusks.
  • Wrap a few tamales (the less amount, the quicker) in a moist paper towel on a microwave-safe plate.
  •  Then cover in a napkin and microwave for about two minutes or until thoroughly warmed. Ensure each tamale is evenly spaced to obtain heat equally.

The dampness will help make the tamales cook with humidity and make them deliciously moist. If you want dry tamales, skip out on wrapping them in wet paper towels and dampening their husks.

Steaming Tamales

Steaming tamales is the ideal way to heat your tamales and prevent over-drying the masa.

● Fill the pot with 2-3 inches of water.

● Ensure none of your tamales touch the steamy pot’s bottom.

● Place the steam basket into the pot and seal appropriately with a tight fitted lid.

● Once the water is boiling, use a pair of tongs to place your tamales inside the heated basket.

● Cover the pot and leave on medium heat until tamales thaw thoroughly.

If you are cooking Delia’s tamales from frozen, leave them to steam for thirty minutes,

Reheating Tamales in the Oven

Heating your tamales in the oven is a great way to thaw many at once.

● Preheat your oven to 325 °F.

● Wrap each tamale in aluminum foil.

● Squeeze each tamale to remove trapped air.

● Place the tamales in an oven-safe sheet pan or dish, leaving enough space between them.

● Heat tamales for approximately 20 minutes or until thoroughly warm unless previously frozen. Let them warm for 25 whole minutes.

After 10 minutes pass, flip your tamales over, so both sides get evenly heated. They are ready to serve at 165 °F.

Air Fry Tamales

Air Fryers are all the rage, and they can cook your tamales in a fraction of the time. Here’s how you can quickly heat frozen or refrigerated tamales in a jiff.

● Heat air fry to mid-temperature.

● Dampen husks with cold water.

● Place in basket, leaving enough space between them to cook evenly for about five minutes.

Reheat Delia’s Tamale order on the Comal

Grab your handy shallowed skillet, or comal, for the perfect tamales and breakfast combination:

● Heat comal to medium heat until warm.

● Place tamales (in the husk or not) for about 15 minutes or until warm.

● Flip tamales over halfway through cooking.

Throwing tamales on the comal is a great way to bring a smoky-grilled flavor element to your Delia’s tamales.

“Truth is, there are plenty of ways to reheat your tasty tamales, and it’s completely up to your taste buds which you might prefer. Reheating on the comal, air fry, reheat tamales in the oven, steaming, and microwaving.”

delia’s tamale order

Delia’s Tamales ships nationwide! Tamales are a great way to celebrate any occasion. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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