How to Go About Heating Up Your Favorite Tamales from Delia’s!

So you were anticipating your Delia’s Tamales shipment for days now and its finally arrived! Our tamales are prepared fresh the moment you place your order. Once ready, they’re frozen to secure their freshness upon arrival! Now, this puzzles many because there are no instructions attached on what to do afterward. Your first instinct would probably be to Google reheating instructions for tamales, right?

Since reheating instructions for different foods vary in Texas, we want to provide some to make things easier for you. We took to Facebook to ask customers what their favorite reheating methods are and were surprised by the amount of feedback!

This holiday season, indulge in Delia’s Tamales by having a shipment sent to whichever part of the country you’re in! Place your order today!

En El Comal

Reheating tamales using a pan was by far the most popular method we received from our customers. Chances are that your great grandmother reheated her tamales this way. If your tamales are frozen, allow them to thaw for about 30 minutes prior to reheating. Once thawed, set the stovetop to medium heat.

While the stovetop heats up, place the tamales (with the corn husk still on) on a pan. When the stovetop is warm enough, place your pan to heat. Try to give each side of the tamales five to eight minutes of heating time. You can then carefully remove the corn husks. If you like your tamales to have a little crunch, we recommend undressing them before placing them on the stove.

Pan Fry

The pan frying method is a favorite of many, especially during breakfast! On medium heat, place a pan on the stovetop and add a small amount of cooking oil or butter. Once simmering, place the undressed tamales to heat. When each side is heated, add a couple of eggs and salsa in the pan! This is largely popular in the RGV because it’s beyond delicious!


If you like your tamales nice and soft, then the steaming option is for you! Simply place your well-thawed tamales with the corn husk still on and steam. For those who don’t own a steamer, you can still achieve soft tamales using a microwave. Take a damp paper towel and wrap it around the tamales. Place them in the microwave for three to five minutes!

Tamales for Days

If you grew up in the RGV, then you probably ate tamales for days on end during the holiday season. At Delia’s Tamales, we believe that any of the above methods work perfectly in savoring the flavors of our dishes. Now that you have several reheating instruction to choose from, it’s time to place your order online!

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    • Delia's Tamales
      Delia's Tamales

      James, Sorry for the delayed response. We’ve been very busy cooking up great tamales over here! When reheating our tamales in a pan we suggest using a little water and a cover. Oil can take away from the flavor of the tamales a little bit and can get a little messy. At the end of the day we have no doubt our tamales will be delicious whichever way you eat them.

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    Tammy M James

    To microwave, I leave the thawed tamales in the corn husk, place them on a plate, put a shallow bowl of water in the center and cover the plate with a lid. It makes a steamer in the microwave.

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    Estella Crews

    First time in ordering these lovely tamales. I ordered a few and had my mom come over to taste and they got her approval. Her and my dad born and raised in Corpus Christ so we know how they taste and also make them. My mom and dad up rooted the family to Florida and it’s hard to find a good place that makes tamales unless u make them yourself. I just wanted to said they are a hit and will be ordering more soon.

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    We like Delia’s tamales very much. We were in San Juan this past weekend 8/11/19 and we stopped and bought 4 dz. We live in the Austin area. You guys need to build one this way. Thanks

    • Delia's Tamales
      Delia's Tamales

      Hello Humberto,

      Thank you so much for stopping by. We LOVE hearing from you. We are in fact opening up a location a little closer to you in San Antonio. It is our first Delia’s outside of the RGV. We’re excited and keep reading for updates on new locations!

      -Delia’s Tamales

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