3 Reasons to Have Delia’s Tamales On Your Thanksgiving Table This Year!

Most of us can agree that Delia’s Tamales can be enjoyed any time of the year. If you can’t wait until the holidays when they’ll be really popular, consider them for Thanksgiving! This holiday normally involves turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing – along with hours and hours of cooking beforehand and cleaning afterwards. This Thanksgiving Day, enjoy more time with your family and satisfy everyone at your dinner table with Delia’s!

Not quite sure how to prepare a turkey or traditional Thanksgiving side dishes? Don’t worry one bit because Delia’s Tamales is what’s for Thanksgiving!

Avoid the Stress of Cooking

Preparing a turkey is no easy task. It sometimes takes hours and there are so many precise instructions to follow. When Thanksgiving Day arrives, the real headaches begin. There are over a dozen traditional Thanksgiving side dishes that families all over the country make. If you don’t get a family member’s favorite side dish correct, there will be whispers at the dinner table for sure!

Let’s all forget about the stresses of Thanksgiving and truly enjoy every moment with the family. The cooking is only the beginning because cleaning follows. By the time you know it, Thanksgiving is over. We believe that time with family is important, so we’ve taken care of the cooking.

Open on Thanksgiving Day

Rather than waking up at dawn to cook and check up on a turkey, make your way to Delia’s Tamales instead in the afternoon. We’ll be open bright and early and will close at 3:00 PM. This gives you enough time to spend with your family, and all you have to do is make a short trip to pick up everyone’s favorite tamales! To truly feed your large family, you can also whip up some easy side dishes like rice and beans.

Tamales for Those on a Special Diet

We offer nineteen different types of tamales, and chances are someone in your dinner party has a favorite! We even cater to the vegetarian in your family! Our vegetarian tamales include:

  • Bean and Jalapeno
  • Bean and Cheese
  • Bean, Cheese and Jalapeno
  • Cream Cheese and Jalapeno
  • Corn Tamales

If you’re looking for traditional tamale flavors, then we have those too!

Eat More Tamales!

Delia’s has a tamale for everyone. Make this Thanksgiving one to remember as you’ll have more time with your family to make memories because we’ll be taking care of the cooking. Contact us today to place your Thanksgiving order!

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