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5 Mexican Breakfast Combos to Enjoy with the Best Tamales in Texas!

Tamales are one of the staples in our culture, so why not celebrate each morning? At Delia’s, we believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so be sure to stop by one of our seven locations, grab a dozen of tamales for your family, and cook up some delicious Mexican dishes to round out your breakfast meal. We recommend the following five Mexican breakfast dishes to enjoy alongside our tamales menu.

large skillet of chorizo and potatoes with the best tamales San Antonio


This quick and easy dish combines crispy corn tortilla strips, eggs, and cheese. If you want to get more creative, try it with jalapeños and refried beans. Migas are perfect with our chicken or pork tamales.


This traditional Mexican breakfast is made by lightly frying corn tortilla pieces and loading them with green salsa or red chile sauce. They are topped off with eggs, cheese, and other ingredients of your choice, such as nopalitos, beans, cilantro, and radish. Chilaquiles pair perfectly with our spicy pork or beef tamales.

Huevos Rancheros

This is the best way to make your eggs – smothering them with some salsa and eating them up with some warm corn tortillas! Enjoy them with our spicy chicken and cheese tamales.

large skillet of chorizo and potatoes with the best tamales San Antonio,

Papas Con Chorizo

Chop up some potatoes and crumble up your favorite chorizo to cook this hearty and flavorful breakfast dish. Combine them with our specialty chicken and cheese cooked in green sauce tamales.

Pan Dulce y Gorditas

If you wake up with a sweet tooth, pan dulce y gorditas are a perfect combination with our sweet cream cheese tamales and a cup of coffee! Learn four ways to heat up tamales for every breakfast, including to steam tamales in microwave.

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