Delia’s Tamales is a Nationwide Favorite! Let’s Unwrap this Delicacy!

If you’re looking for the best Tamales, it does not get better than Delia’s Tamales. You will find dozens and half-dozens at any of our seven locations across South Texas sporting the iconic logo. 

Our tamales are truly one of a kind. With a variety like ours, you cannot lose. From Chicken & Cheese Cooked in Green Sauce, Veracruzano, or Bean, Cheese & Jalapeño, with a variety like ours, you cannot lose! Order online today!

Delia’s Tamales is a Nationwide Favorite

Nearly 30 years ago Delia decided to sell her tamales door-to-door to help keep her and her family afloat. After positive feedback and hard work, Delia and her family have been serving the Rio Grande Valley for generations, and have now expanded to the big city of San Antonio. Our family-owned business values:

  • Quality
  • Community
  • Family and customer service

The Culture that Keeps Us Alive

Have you ever heard of a restaurant or eatery that allows you to place an order nearly a year in advance? Yeah, we didn’t think so! We have a long standing history for a reason, and our culture has been a part of that nurturing. Delia’s Tamales has had the pleasure of being enjoyed nationwide and in it’s hometown. Delia’s Tamales is 3 decades in the making and growing thanks to our customers. 

We even join in our customer’s fundraisers. Find out how.

Authentic Tamales

First impressions are crucial, that’s why we make every tamale equal in taste and quality. Although we may have a bigger selection and variety of tamales than most places, we guarantee each tamales is as delicious as the next. Pick your favorite flavor!

Pre-Ordering Your Tamales

We do things a little bit differently in the state of Texas. Not only are our boots and hair bigger, but so is our customer service and hearts. We don’t want any family to be without this holiday staple, which is we start pre-ordering for tamales for the holidays early. It’s never too early to order for in 2023!

Delia’s Tamales in the Washington Post 

Previously, were featured in the Washington Post. Our restaurant functions a little differently than most. During the months coming up to the major tamale-filled holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, our phones blow up, we have cars wrapped around the street corner, and lines of people that are trying to get a hold of our special recipe. Tamales are a necessity in Mexican culture and the Washington Post noticed our establishment, along with several key others that do the same. 

We Offer Nationwide Shipping 

Did you know we offer shipping nationwide? That’s right, whether you reside in South
Texas or Hawaii, we can ship our delicious tamales to your door. Just start selecting what you want online and our shipping calculator will let you know how much shipping costs will be before you pay!

Key Takeaways

  • Delia’s has the best tamales in Texas.

  • We appreciate the support of the community that keeps us alive.

  • We offer quality food and service, which has our customers coming back.

  • We have been featured online, including the Washington Post and the History Channel.

Order Delia’s Tamales Online

Delia’s tamales is a nationwide favorite and is your one stop shop for all things tamales. Skip out on cooking dinner tonight, and feed the family something you know they will all enjoy. Order online today.

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