Yes, We Ship Nationwide so Order Your Tamales Online Today!

2020 is almost over, but before we say goodbye, we’ll get to enjoy the love and togetherness of the holiday season! Unfortunately, not everyone will have a chance to make it home to enjoy the warm company or delicious food. And because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many families probably won’t be having get-togethers, but that’s okay! Delia’s has you covered no matter where in the nation you live!

When You Should Order

At Delia’s, we recommend placing your order between Tuesday and Friday. This’ll allow us plenty of time to process your request. As you can imagine, the delivery date for your tamales can vary based on different factors such as weather and order date.

How Long Does it Take from Order Date to Delivery?

It generally takes up to 61 hours of preparation before your order is shipped. When you place an order, you’ll have the option to choose a shipping date up to eight weeks after the order is made. If you plan to serve Delia’s this holiday season, we strongly suggest you carefully gauge your dates to ensure prompt delivery.

How Are the Tamales Shipped?

At Delia’s, we value freshness, even when it comes to shipped products. It’s the reason why our tamales are made fresh when ordered! Once they’ve been prepared, they’re frozen and expertly packaged to help preserve their freshness and flavor. As we mentioned before, the process takes about two and a half days. Time well spent to ensure that you receive some of the most delicious tamales South Texas has to offer!

Order Your Tamales Online Today!

Delia’s takes pride in producing delectable tamales for South Texas, but the satisfaction we get from delivering across the U.S. is unmatched! If you’re craving tamales for the holiday season, then don’t hesitate. Order your tamales today!

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  1. We lived in the valley and now have moved to San Antonio Area We drove 46 miles to get to Delias as we did in the south east of San Antonio and it is Southwest but it’s worth the trip next time I just my order online love love love Delias since we’ve been in the valley

    • Delia's Tamales


      Last year we resumed placing orders just after the New Year. We anticipate the same but do not have an exact date. Follow us on social media and we will inform you as orders for shipping become available again.

      -Delia’s Tamales

    • Delia's Tamales


      Yes, we would highly recommend calling in your order ahead of time. You can do so by calling the store (we have been told between 2pm-4pm are the best time to call) or in-person (if you have friends or family in town that can place the order on your behalf).

      -Delia’s Tamales

    • Delia's Tamales


      Last year we opened back up just after the new year for online orders. As we currently do not have an exact date following us on social media will be the best way to find out.

      -Delia’s Tamales

    • Delia's Tamales


      We do ship to Hawaii so long as 2-day shipping is allowed via Fedex in your area. If this is the case you will be given the option at checkout. If you are in an area that would take longer than 2 days to get to you there will be no option at checkout. We anticipate online ordering to be available again in early January.

      -Delia’s Tamales

      -Delia’s Tamales

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