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Are You Having a Weekend Movie Night? Make it Special with Delia’s!

The hustle and bustle of the week can often make it difficult to want to do anything on the weekend but stay home to relax. After all, you’ll need Saturday and Sunday to recharge for the new week ahead! So, if you’ll be spending your weekend nights as a couch potato, then add Delia’s to the mix. It’ll make things comfortable and delicious!

The Perfect Movie Night Meal

Whether you’ll be spending your weekend nights watching horror movies, action flicks, or on a Netflix binge, know that Delia’s will make the perfect meal! Sure, you could go for boring popcorn, but why not spice things up with some of your favorite tamales? All you have to do is swing by one of our locations in the Valley or San Antonio, pick your tamales, and you’re all set!

Easy Cleanup

The last thing you’ll want to do on Saturday night is to spend your time cooking a meal and cleaning up after your movie marathon. With Delia’s, you won’t have to! Each tamale is individually wrapped in a corn husk that keeps the warmth in and the mess to a minimum. You’ll spend more time scrolling through your watch list than cleaning up the living room coffee table!

Order Your Tamales Today!

We ship our tamales nationwide! Simply choose from our online menu and place your order! Remember, you can contact us online as well if you need more information about our delicious tamales and shipping options.

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