Enjoy Game Day with a Few Dozen Tamales from Delia’s!

The football season is going strong! Fans across the Lone Star State live and breathe the gridiron better than anyone else. They’ve got the grill going, the cold ones ready, and the big screen displaying football action. But if the food game is lacking or getting boring, know that Delia’s makes for a perfect game day meal!

Think Outside the Box

When it comes to game day, we know what everyone is used to: the cold chicken wings, stiff pizza, and stale potato chips. They can be enough to take care of that game day appetite, but what if we took your meal plan to the next level? You can get a few dozen delicious tamales to your table in less time than it takes for your favorite team to get into the red zone!

Picture this: you’re leaning over the table, eyes glued to the TV. You dip your chicken and cheese tamale in one of our delicious salsas and have a flavor-packed bite right as your team comes up big! Sounds good, right? But there are plenty more reasons why you should go with Delia’s.

Endless Possibilities

The truth is, it’s hard to make everyone happy. That is unless you’re Delia’s! Trust us, we have a large variety of tamales for any palate. You can go with spicy pork, chicken and cheese, or completely meatless with our cheese and jalapeño tamales! With Delia’s, you can wash your tamales down with any of our refreshing Aguas Frescas and, if you got a little wild on Saturday night, you’ll be feeling better in time for kickoff with our delicious menudo which is known for helping hangovers!

Order Your Tamales Today!

It’s time to score big with Delia’s! Just place your order online or at any of our Texas locations and head home with all of the food you’ll need for your party. Remember, online orders to anywhere in the country are just a click away!

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