Delia’s Is On The History Channel!

We were featured on Ancient Recipes with Sohla on the History Channel! Sohla begins the episode by explaining how tamales are a traditional staple for the whole family to enjoy making and eating. She then introduced Delia and her delias locations in texas to the audience. Here’s what our Founder, Delia, had to say!

How did Delia’s get its beginning?

About 27 years ago, Delia began her journey with tamales when her sister posed the question, “Why don’t we make tamales?” They each earned two-hundred and fifty dollars to help pay for rent.

Delia used to work cleaning houses for a living, and making tamales allowed her a change of pace. Over time, she began to make tamales herself, at times with a neighbor. She gained and continues to gain great clients and has partnered with people who pride themselves in helping Delia’s grow!

What’s the Magic Behind Delia’s Tamales in the Valley?

Many things make our tamales magical to devour, such as:

  • The high-quality ingredients.
  • The recipe has stayed the same over the years.
  • Lots of love creating tamales for past, current, and future customers!

Any Tips or Tricks for Making Tamales?

Delia offers a few tips and tricks for any of us wishing to begin our very own tamale-making journey:

  • You need to get fresh dough for great-tasting tamales.
  • Use a spoon to spread the dough onto the corn husks.
  • Make sure to cook your choice of meat or protein to your liking.
  • Use all the condiments for flavor – pasilla chiles, garlic, and more.

What Recipe or Dish Would Delia Like to Learn More About?

When Sohla asked Delia what recipe she would like to learn more about, Delia simply said, “I like pho soup.”

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