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Why Weekend Brunches Are Better at Delia’s!

Brunch is a make-it-or-miss-it meal. You’ll either wake up early enough to make it on time or you’ll hit the snooze button one too many times on a weekend morning and miss it completely. Brunch is a time to gather with your friends and family to catch up while indulging in a nice, sweet and salty meal that normally consists of anything from waffles to sausage links. Although delicious, it’s time to recreate and transform the meaning of brunch with some savory Delia’s Tamales and menudo!

If you don’t live near one of our locations, then don’t worry! You can order online anytime and have them shipped directly to your door!

Brunching in Style

When attending brunch with friends, it goes without saying that dressing nice is a must. But at Delia’s Tamales, we don’t judge! We believe that you should enjoy your meal in your most comfortable attire. Jeans all the way we say! Or stretch pants if you plan on eating a lot of our delicious tamales. Remember, we have 19 different varieties to choose from. The choice may be tough, but it’s your call!


Delia’s Tamales is the only place in the Rio Grande Valley to offer the most delicious menudo you’ll ever have. Prepared fresh every weekend, you can grab a bowl every Saturday and Sunday. You’ll also have access to our salsa/salad bar when eating in.

The best way to enjoy our menudo is by topping it off with some fresh cilantro, onions and lime. Don’t forget to ask for a side of homemade tortillas! Our mission is to offer only the most authentic, flavorful tamales and menudo.

Sweet and Salty

A typical brunch consists of French toast, bacon and endless varieties of pastries. The flavors of these foods mesh so well that it’s no wonder we all love brunch so much. You can also have these flavors at Delia’s Tamales! So, where can you find sweetness within our menu? Our Sweet Cream Cheese Tamales, of course! They make the perfect dessert and are a customer favorite! Don’t forget to find them on our menu when ordering!

Drive Thru

If your idea of a good weekend is enjoying our food at home, then know that our drive thru is open during regular business hours. Some of our customers have shared on social media how they enjoy our tamales at home. Some whip up eggs, beans and rice! Did we mention that you can also order menudo at our drive-thru? Be the MVP of your household by showing up with dozens of tamales and bowls of our famous menudo!

Brunch All Day

If you don’t reside near one of our six locations, you have the option of ordering online! Do brunch a little different this year and invite your friends to Delia’s Tamales! This way, you won’t ever have to worry about missing typical brunch hours.

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