Unwrapping Our Menu: 7 Fun Facts About Delia’s Tamales

You have unwrapped Delia’s tamales, but have you unwrapped these seven fun facts? Read about the top menu items you love. Read on to learn these fun facts about Delia’s Tamales. When you’re craving tamales, having a big family get together, or needing a couple of dozen for the holidays, Delia’s has been the Valley’s go-to tamale joint for over three decades.

Pork Tamales

The classic pork tamales was one of the first tamales served at Delia’s. Before the Delia’s Tamales South Texas franchise was established, Delia herself made these tamales homemade and sold them door to door. You could say pork is the pioneer to what Delia’s Tamales is today.

Try Veracruzano Tamales 

These tamales, a traditional Mexican dish, were created in Veracruz, the state that borders the Gulf of Mexico. Traditionally, these tamales can be eaten hot or cold! The dough is made from masa harina, and they are traditionally wrapped in banana leaves. Once the dough has been pressed into a “pebble” shape and steamed, it is filled with chicken or pork.

We offer Decadent Sweet Cream Cheese Tamales

If you love to sweeten up your day, look no further than our sweet cream cheese tamales. Did you know you could pair them with drizzled caramel, dulce de leche, chocolate, whipped cream, or dip it in our horchata aguas fresca.

Menudo is Served on Sundays

Visit our Delia’s Tamales locations on Sunday and you will get to try our scrumptious menudo, you will find Hominy, Corn, Garlic, Onion and Beef Tripe. This soup is seasoned with Bay Leaves and Other Spices. The chiles in this dish are Arbol and Guajillo. It’s so delicious we only serve it on the weekends, get it while you can.

Tamales Have Historical Roots 

It is believed that tamales have been eaten since the 3rd millenium BCS throughout Mexico, and Central America! The Mesoamericans are also believed to be the first community to make tamales. There is also research of tamales being found during an excavation of a cave called Cueva de los Tamales near Puebla, Mexico. 

Aguas Frescas

Fun fact about the history of aguas frescas.The drink’s history can be traced back to times when the Aztecs juiced their fruits, then water them to reduce the thick texture. Aguas Frescas have become popular due to their availability. Enjoy them out our South Texas and San Antonio Delias Tamales locations:

  • Piña
  • Melon
  • Mango
  • Jamaica
  • Horchata
  • Limonada

Our Salsas- Rojo and Verde

Salsa roja, or red sauce in English, is a spicy tomato chili sauce that is popular in Mexican cuisine. In fact it has become the most commonly used sauce for tacos. The sauce has its roots in the pre-Hispanic era, from when the Aztecs added chilies to their tomatillos (the original way of making salsa) to make their salsa verde and red sauces.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tamales have historical and cultural significance. 

  • We offer refreshing aguas frescas at our locations. 

  • Visit our Delia’s Tamales locations to enjoy green or red salsa.

  • Our tamales menu offers a variety of delicious tamales.

  • Tamales are the most beloved food of Mexico and all South Texas.

Read these fun facts about delia’s tamales

Delia’s Tamales are made with the finest ingredients, including homemade masa harina and local ingredients. We take pride in making authentic tamales, with our family-owned recipes. Order tamales online and enjoy with the family. Contact us if you have a question regarding our shipping.

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