10 Fascinating Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Tamales!

One of the most popular dishes in Latin America has trickled over into the United States, gaining countless fans. It has become a staple at family gatherings, special occasions and many holidays. While you may call yourself an expert in tamale tasting, we have nine amazing facts that you probably didn’t know about this popular dish!

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  1. The origins of the tamale date back to the time of the Aztecs, Mayans and Incans. Although widely debated, the first tamales were developed for transporting foods more efficiently during war. Gaining popularity, they became a part of ceremonies, rituals, feasts and fiestas.
  2. Tamales were served by the Aztecs to Spanish explorer Hernan Cortes, and in 1612, Captain John Smith claimed they were made by Native Americans of Virginia: ‘Their corne they rost in the eare greene, and bruising it in a morter of wood with a Polt; lappe it in rowles in the leaves of their corne, and so boyle it for a daintie.”
  3. The word “tamale”, or tamal in Spanish, derives from the Aztec word of the Nahuatl language, tamalli, meaning “wrapped food.”
  4. Europeans brought chicken, pork, olives, raisins and other foods with them to the new world and tamales became more elaborate.
  5. Tamales, though almost 9,000 years old, weren’t introduced in America until the turn of the 20th Century.
  6. Who eats the husk of the tamale? Well, there is one incident known as “The Great Tamale Incident”. Former President Gerald Ford was visiting San Antonio, and while at a reception at the Alamo, he grabbed a plate of tamales and began to eat…without removing the husks. The event became known forever as The Great Tamale Incident.
  7. Tamales have a special day in Mexican tradition. On January 6th, a special cake named “Rosca de Reyes” is eaten by family and friends with a small figure of baby Jesus hidden inside. If you happen to receive a slice containing the figure, take it to a church on February 2nd. That person must then host a dinner providing tamales and atole to guests.
  8. There was a petition to give the tamale its own national holiday. Although it never came to be, social media celebrates March 23rd as “National Tamale Day”.
  9. There are thousands of types of tamales today. The most popular are made with masa, but other ingredients can include rice, beans, potatoes and kale. Fillings are also endless and can include chocolate, jalapenos and so much more.
  10. The Aztecs had two holidays dedicated to showcasing tamales as a main dish. With Atamalcualiztli, they celebrated the birth of the corn god. They made plain, unsalted tamales filled with vegetables that symbolized cleansing and renewal. The other festival was Izcalli, in honor of the fire god. On this day, the tamale serves as a gesture of rebirth.

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  1. Richard Lambert

    You mention that March 23rd “never came to be” known as National Tamale Day. Actually it did. In 2016, we celebrated the first National Tamale Day, and It is now listed in Chase’s Calendar of Events book.

  2. For the 50th birthday of my father, we plan to dine in a Mexican restaurant. My father has always been a fan of their culture and their food, so we are searching for the best restaurant in our area to surprise him. His favorite is Tamales, and I never knew that there is a special day for that specific food which is being held during the 6th of January. I also found it interesting when you said that a person also takes it to church on February 2 if they receive a slice with a figure of the baby Jesus inside. It’s fun to know these facts. Thanks!

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