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Spring Break Kids Should be Treated with Some Delicious Delia’s Tamales!

Spring break is that one time of year when we get to relax from school and/or work (depending on your job). Most of us who are older decide to head to South Padre Island or other beach destination with friends and family, but if you have little ones that will be spending time at home with you, then looking for something different to do can be tricky. Stop worrying, because Delia’s Tamales is the place to be! No, we won’t be throwing any sort of spring break bash, but we have something better – tamales!

Don’t live near any of our six locations? No problem! You can order our tasty tamales online and have them shipped directly to your doorstep!

Give the kids what they want

Most parents don’t have to feed their children for lunch during weekdays since they’re already taken care of at school. But during spring break, you might have a house full of kids for an entire week with large appetites. What’s a parent to do? Sandwiches and hot dogs can only hold a kid over for so long, and they’ll get tired of these boring lunches quickly. Change it up a little and add some flavor to their meals by visiting one of our six Valley-wide locations! We have 19 different types of tamales to choose from on our menu, meaning we have a tamale for even the pickiest of kids!

Tamales for any meal!

If your kids are early birds or like to sleep in, then know that tamales are great for any meal! If they’re up early in the morning with growling stomachs, then come on over! If they wake up later in the day and are already in the mood for lunch, then we definitely have something for them! Or how about when they feel like something different for dinner? Even better! Simply stop on by or pick up a few dozen of our delicious tamales for the kids to munch on.

A family environment

Along with delicious dishes and a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy them in, our restaurants are known for a family-like environment where everyone feels welcomed. What’s better than having a few tamales for a meal in a location that feels like home? We know that your kids will enjoy it, so bring them on by!

share your love for delia’s

If there’s one thing most Valley residents have in common, it’s their love for our tamales. With so many kids planning on being on the loose for an entire week, spending time with them is important, so do it with Delia’s Tamales! We can’t wait to see you all!

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