Celebrate This Upcoming Three-Day Weekend with Delia’s!

Memorial Day weekend is three days long for most of us, and this gives us more time to be with family and others who matter most. At times, it feels as though a weekend is not enough to do all of the activities we’d like, and when we do have time, we sometimes have trouble coming up with ideas! Luckily, the Rio Grande Valley is full of eventful activities to do throughout this long weekend.

A Memorial Day to Remember

If you and your family are planning to do something together this weekend, try visiting the Veteran’s War Memorial of Texas for an experience that can involve the entire family. Afterward, explore the surrounding area around the McAllen Convention Center to find some activities to do! There are so many places around this area that are perfect for a Memorial Day outing.

Staying In?

Maybe you and the family feel like winding down after a long week and don’t necessarily want to be out dealing with tedious traffic or crowded areas. Remember, that this weekend is incredibly popular for family barbecues, but, if this sounds like too much work, then pick up some our one-of-a-kind tamales! What better way to spend the weekend than at home creating even more memories with family and eating delicious meals?

Take a Trip!

One of the many perks of living in the Valley includes being extremely close to South Padre Island, one of the best and most affordable beaches around. There’s nothing like relaxing next to calming beach waters and enjoying some great family time while eating tamales and feeling the nice warm sand beneath your feet!

Make Delia’s a Part of your Weekend!

With six convenient locations around the Valley, it’s easy to pick up a few dozen of your favorite tamales. Family is important to us, which is why we pride ourselves on creating a perfect environment for everyone to feel at home. At Delia’s, we have a total of 19 tamale flavors ready for dining-in or pickup, so order yours online today!

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