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Why do Tamales Go so Well with Cool Weather?

If you’re from Texas, then you know how tamales make the perfect meal year-round. They’re perfect on Sunday mornings, lunch during a hectic day, and even as a snack any day of the week. But what makes tamales so good during the colder months? At Delia’s, we know why!

You Can’t Beat Tamales and a Hot Cup of Coffee!

Cooler weather usually means craving all types of hot drinks, especially a nice cup of hot coffee. Chances are you’ve been in this scenario before; walking around the house, cozy in your pajamas, nursing a cup of coffee, and thinking about what to eat. Grab some tamales! You just can’t beat that cold weather combination!

It’s in the Warmth

Sometimes fall and winter weather can be just a bit too gloomy. It can be too cold, too wet, and even look a little too bleak for our liking. But you know what makes us feel a little bit better and warmer? Tamales! There’s something about unwrapping a delicious hot tamale from its husk and taking that first bite that just makes you feel better immediately.

They’re Easy to Reheat

If we’re being honest, the colder months bring out a little bit of laziness in all of us. After all, who wants to spend time making a meal when you can just be warm in bed? Luckily for all of us, tamales are extremely easy to heat up! Just put them on a comal or throw them in the microwave and bingo – delicious tamales done quickly for a cold day!

Order Your Tamales Today!

Don’t spend hours making your tamales this year. All you need to do is visit any Delia’s location in the RGV or San Antonio! Contact us today to learn more about our menu or shipping options.

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