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Delia’s Tamales on Valentine’s Day: DIY Gifts, Long-Distance Gifting and Options for the Singles!

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that sometimes involves repetitive gifts like roses, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and balloons. There’s nothing wrong with any of them, but if you’re looking to break this gifting cycle with something new, then consider something from Delia’s Tamales! We have a large assortment of tamales that are sure to attract any taste bud! Check out some options that you should consider for a Valentine’s Day gift, or even something to treat yourself!

If you happen to have a Valentine that lives some distance away, then consider shipping them their favorite treat! Show them how much you love and care about them by sending some of our delicious tamales!

Shipping the Love

Nothing’s more heartbreaking than knowing that you have to spend Valentine’s Day apart from your loved one. But one thing is for certain, you’ll want your gift to reflect how you feel about him/her. Sending a dozen or two of our tamales is not only easy, but it’s guaranteed that your Valentine will love them! He or she will be head-over-heels for you even more the moment that they see a box of Delia’s Tamales on their doorstep!

*Estimated date of delivery varies, but delivery guaranteed.

DIY Gifting

After browsing through all of our social media platforms, we’ve noticed one thing: our customers are extremely creative! We’ve come across many photos of DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that include our tamales – the most popular being a tamale vase! Imagine a beautiful vase filled with delicious tamales instead of roses! If you decide to use this idea for this year’s gift (if you haven’t gotten one already), then don’t forget to purchase a Valentine’s Day-themed bag to place all of our delicious salsas in!

For the Singles

Alright, enough of the lovey-dovey stuff. What about those who don’t have a Valentine this year? No worries, because we’ll be celebrating you too! February 14th can be a little annoying to those who are single since couples will undoubtedly be filling up every restaurant, and grocery stores are sure to be flooded with last-minute gift-buyers. So, what’s a single person to do in order to grab a bite?

Couples will be too busy celebrating the holiday in various upscale restaurants, so opt for some of our delicious and Valley-famous tamales instead! You won’t even have to dine-in if you don’t want to. Our drive-thru will be open until 8:00 for your convenience!

Delia’s Tamales is Love

We believe it’s okay to have an intense feeling of deep affection for our delicious tamales. Whatever you choose to do this Valentine’s Day – on your own or with a loved one – Delia’s Tamales will not disappoint. Find your nearest location today!

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