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Delia’s Knows How to Make the Most Out of Family Time with Food

There’s no denying that the last few weeks have been hectic, worrying, and confusing due to COVID-19. While most of us are sitting at home, waiting for normality to become an everyday thing again, it’s important to make the most out of the time we have with our families. At Delia’s, we really believe that, by turning a negative situation into a positive one, you and your family can enjoy the time you have together! Read on to learn how!

Bond While Enjoying Our Tamales!

You’d be surprised to know that, sometimes, you don’t know everything about your kids or parents! Well, guess what? Now is the perfect time to get to know your loved ones a little bit better – while at the dinner table enjoying our tamales! We have a large menu and variety, so there’s definitely a type you’ll love. Sit around the table, chat with each other, and make the most out of your family time!

Unwind and Relax After Your Meal

Sure, you may be stuck at home, but after a satisfying breakfast, lunch, or dinner consisting of our delicious tamales, unwind and relax. Spend some time outdoors if you can, do some tidying up at home, or enjoy some Netflix or Hulu! And if you purchased a large amount of our tamales, you can save them for another hearty and filling meal!

Place Your Orders Today!

Food is always a priority, and with Delia’s, it won’t take much effort to grab a delicious meal! Our online ordering and drive-thru service ensure that all social distancing guidelines are followed for your peace of mind. Visit any of our locations today or contact us online for more info on our ordering options!

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