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Delia’s is Proud to Announce Our Newest, Soon-to-Be Location in San Antonio!

For those of you who were once residents of the Rio Grande Valley, what do you miss the most about the area? Other than family and friends, we’re guessing it’s going to be the food. After all, the Valley is known for its down-to-earth restaurants with home-style cooking.

Delia’s is a staple of Valley eating thanks to our large menu of unforgettable options. If you happen to live up north, say in San Antonio, and miss our delicious tamales, then we have some great news. We will be opening our first location outside of the Valley in that city!

From the Beginning

It’s been almost 30 years since our founder, Delia, sold tamales door-to-door and business-to-business as a way to supplement her income. Armed with her family recipe and only five pounds of masa, her amazing tamales quickly sold out and she used all of her proceeds to continue making more.

And so, a successful entrepreneurial career was born!

Now, all of these years later, we have six locations and hundreds of daily customers. With our soon-to-be seventh location in San Antonio, we can’t wait to see just how much larger our customer base will grow!

Building a Household Name

In 1998, after years of selling her tamales door-to-door and business-to-business, Delia opened her first restaurant in South McAllen. Word spread of her tasty tamales and, pretty soon, a second location opened in Pharr in 2003.

In 2006, her third restaurant opened in Edinburg. As business grew further, a fourth location opened in Mission with a fifth in San Juan. Finally, in 2012, Delia’s sixth location opened for a second spot in McAllen.

A Growing Demand

From the start, customers helped by spreading the word of how delicious Delia’s tamales were. Pretty soon, clients asked for Delia to open a location outside of the Rio Grande Valley. We’re so happy to confirm that this wish will finally come true! Location number seven in San Antonio will be opening its doors by Spring 2020 at the latest!

Order Your Tamales Online Today!

If you’d like more information about our menu items or our newest location, then contact us! Feel free to also place an order online and find out what all the buzz is about!

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    Ty Beall

    Hurry up and open a place in Houston already. The tamales in Houston are horrible and everyone I know always asks me to bring your tamales back with me when I visit the valley. I miss being able to drive to a Delia’s on Sunday morning for great tamales. Please bring one to Houston ASAP

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