Celebrate National Tamale Day on March 23rd with Delia’s!

There are many holidays to celebrate this year, but only one rises above the rest: March 23rd is National Tamale Day! Made official in 2016 and listed in Chase’s Calendar of Events book, National Tamale Day will be your new favorite holiday!

Love tamales? Impress your friends with 10 interesting facts about them!

Where Did They Come From?

Tamales are believed to have first appeared as early as 5,000 B.C., possibly even 7,000 B.C., in pre-Columbian history. The word “tamale” is derived from the Aztec word ”tamalii”, meaning “wrapped food.” The very first tamale’s origin, though, is still widely debated. What is known is that they were a result of warriors needing a more portable and sustainable food to be carried on the go. They were ideal as they were cooked ahead of time by being buried in hot ashes, making them crispy and brown. They were then packed and could be rewarmed as needed or even eaten cold.

As time passed, methods of cooking them and their flavors evolved and were adopted by the Mayans and Spaniards. The tamale changed in size, color and filling – depending on the location and resources. Wrappings varied from cornhusks, to soft tree bark, to avocado and banana leaves. Popular fillings among the Aztecs were turkey, frog, flamingo, rabbit, honey or beans. Mayans often had tamale fillings made of squash, iguana, deer, bean and fish.

Mayans also created designs on them and used deer hearts for special occasions like big feasts or festivals. Tamale recipes changed with the times, eventually evolving into the varieties we all enjoy today.

Deliciousness Still Made Today

Today, the value of the tamale has extended beyond the history we know and is enjoyed by people all over the world. From making the masa, spreading it on a comal, inserting your choice of filling and then steaming it, tamales can now be enjoyed by many thanks to Delia’s. All locations and online orders still uphold Delia’s original authentic flavors, with each tamale being made with our original recipes.

Specials Just for National Tamale Day

If you love tamales and want to celebrate with us, we’re having a huge special on National Tamale Day! Buy a dozen and get a half-dozen order absolutely FREE!* That’s right, enjoy 12 of your favorite mouth-watering flavors with six more on the house! Bring your entire family to celebrate your new favorite holiday with us!

*Only for National Tamale Day. 1 per customer. Not valid with any other offers or promotions. Valid in store locations only.

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