A Graduation Celebration to Remember with Our Tamales!

High school and college graduations are often a once-in-a-lifetime experience that should always be enjoyed. Each year, students from around the nation experience the excitement of the stage, the walk, the hat toss, and the post-graduation celebrations. Of course, food plays a big role in such a big day, so what better meal to mark the occasion than with Delia’s? Tamales and celebrating are the perfect combinations!

Bring Everyone Together

If you’re from South Texas, then you know that tamales are a family tradition! Why not extend it to the togetherness of a graduation celebration? Just imagine all your family and closest friends having a great time at your graduation party with an Agua Fresca in one hand and a delicious plate of tamales in the other. The best thing is that you won’t have to spend hours preparing any of it! Delia’s will take care of it for you! 

Just drive up to any of our seven locations (with one in San Antonio!), place your order, and you’re set! You can even call ahead to make sure your order is ready to go by the time you arrive. Remember, your tamales will be accompanied by delicious and fresh salsas, and you can always add Aguas Frescas or other drinks to your order!

Not in South Texas or San Antonio? No Problem!

We make it so easy to enjoy our tamales anywhere in the nation! With our online ordering and shipping services, you can choose the tamales you want and have them delivered to you wherever you are! Remember, all our orders are cooked then frozen to maximize absolute freshness by the time they arrive at you. 

Order Tamales Online Today!

Whether you’re making memories in the Rio Grande Valley or San Antonio, or are creating cherished moments elsewhere in the nation, know that Delia’s will offer the delicious food you need. Look at our menu and visit us today for a taste of delicious tradition.

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