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Delia’s has earned a reputation for making delicious tamales loved and savored by all. Considered to be the best tamale maker in Texas, Delia’s has grown into a local household name that entices residents and visitors alike. With 18 types of tamales served at six locations across the Rio Grande Valley, you can come and unwrap these mouth-watering treasures yourself to see what has everyone talking!

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Are you craving the tamales that have made Delia’s famous but reside outside of the Rio Grande Valley? Lucky for you, we ship nationwide! Order your tamales online for any occasion or to satisfy your craving and you can have them delivered right to your doorstep. Made fresh then frozen, when your order arrives, microwave or steam them to your desired warmth and enjoy!

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A Brief History

Started almost 30 years ago as a means of income, Delia and her sister would wake each morning to begin their routine of making their signature tamales. Loaded with freshly cooked tamales in coolers, they would travel door-to-door and business-to-business selling them. Soon, the love and demand for what they’d created outgrew Delia’s kitchen. This resulted in their expanding to six current locations. You can even catch Delia herself at one of them, ensuring that these delicious tamales are up to the standards that have made her famous.

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