Welcome to Delia’s Tamales, where the rich flavors of South Texas meet the convenience of nationwide delivery! Our family-owned business has been crafting mouthwatering tamales for generations, bringing the warmth of tradition to your doorstep.

delia's tamales reviews

🌮 Explore Our Tamale Fiesta

From classic Pork and Beef to the bold flavors of Spicy Chicken & Cheese, our menu boasts a tantalizing variety of tamales that cater to every palate. Discover unique combinations like Veracruzano, Cream Cheese & Jalapeño, and the irresistible Sweet Cream tamale – SEE THE FULL MENU.

🛒 Order Now for Nationwide Delivery

Savor the taste of authentic tamales no matter where you are! Delia’s are now available for nationwide delivery, allowing you to indulge in our handcrafted delights from the comfort of your home. Click here to place your order and experience the ultimate tamale feast.

delia's tamales reviews

📍 Visit Our South Texas Locations

For those fortunate enough to be in South Texas, we invite you to visit one of our seven locations and experience the true essence of Delia’s. Find the nearest store and treat yourself to a tamale adventure like no other. – FIND YOUR LOCATION.

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Follow us on social media to stay updated on exclusive offers, new flavors, and the latest in the world of Delia’s. Join our community of tamale enthusiasts and share your tamale experiences with us!

🌶️ Spice Up Your Life

Looking for an extra kick? Dive into our Spicy Chicken & Cheese or Spicy Pork options, crafted to add a flavorful punch to your taste buds. Delia’s Tamales is where spice meets satisfaction!

👨‍🍳 Handcrafted with Love

Each tamale is a labor of love, meticulously prepared using time-honored recipes and the finest ingredients. Our commitment to quality ensures that every bite is a celebration of flavor and tradition.

🎁 Gift the Gift of Tamales

Share the love of tamales with friends and family! Send a shipment nationwide to loved ones, tamale gift packages make for the perfect present, delivered with care and warmth straight from our kitchen to their hearts.

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